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Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
21 - 24 September 2020
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Chairs & Committee Member Information

The responsibilities of being Conference Chair, Programme Committee Member, and Session Chair are crucial to the success of SPIE events, and it is you, our incredible volunteers, who are the true engine of the Society. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire staff of SPIE, THANK YOU for your dedication and for volunteering your time and expertise - we truly could not do this without you.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point along the way, please don't hesitate to contact your Conference Programme Coordinator.

Conference Timeline and Due Dates

12 November 2018 Call for Papers due from Conference Chairs to Alex P. Rusova, your Conference Programs Coordinator
13 March 2019 Abstracts due from authors, authors submit via spie.org
29 April 2019 Advance Program due from Conference Chairs to Conference Programs Coordinator
15 July 2019 Student Grant Applications due from Student Authors to Conference Program Coordinator
15 July 2019 Changes for Final Program due from Conference Chairs to Alex P. Rusova, Conference Programs Coordinator
14 August 2019 Manuscripts due for all conferences, authors submit via spie.org
9-12 September 2019 Strasbourg, France
23 September 2019 Conference Chairs to complete Manuscript Reviews and submit Introduction to Proceedings for all conferences

Information for Conference Chairs

Information for Program Committee Members

Information for Session Chairs

Important Dates

Abstract Due Date
13 March 2019

Author Notification
24 May 2019

Manuscripts Due
14 August 2019

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