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Quantum West

Take a look at the quantum industry and opportunities for photonics technologies.

Discuss the future

Explore the role that photonics plays as quantum technology moves from R&D to engineering products for the commercial marketplace. All Photonics West registrations include access.


Hear from experts discussing market prospects, information systems and computing, communications, sensing and imaging, a special focus on photonics in quantum, and the path for building a commercial ecosystem. This inaugural event is organized in partnership with the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C). We look forward to connecting with you for a productive event.

Four days of programming

Join us online 8 - 11 March

  • Monday – The Marketplace
  • Tuesday – Quantum Applications
  • Wednesday – Photonics in Quantum
  • Thursday – The Commercial Ecosystem

Watch Quantum West keynote session

Sir Peter Knight

Opening the conference with his keynote address, Quantum Technologies as an Enabler, Sir Knight has built a career as a leader in quantum optics and quantum technology. He has won the Thomas Young Medal and the Glazebrook Medal of the Institute of Physics, the Ives Medal and the Walther Medal and Prize of the OSA, the Faraday Medal of the IET and the Royal Medal of the Royal Society.

Conference Co-Hosts

Celia Merzbacher

Associate Director, QED-C (United States)

Tim Day

Board Member, ColdQuanta, and SVP/GM, DRS Daylight Solutions (United States)

Thank you to our sponsors

Organizing committee and cooperating organizations

Thanks to the Organizing Committee:

Joe Broz, QED-C
Sara Diegoli, QuantIC
Wilhelm Kaenders, TOPTICA Photonics
Anke Lohman, Anchored In
Celia Merzbacher, QED-C
Roger McInlay, Innovate, UK
John Spencer, Photodigm
Mark Tolbert, TOPTICA Photonics
Carl Williams, NIST


Organized in cooperation with:

QED-C logo

Participating Organizations:

Boston Consulting Group

UK Research and Innovation

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