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Palais de la Musique et des Congrès
Strasbourg, France
29 March - 2 April 2020
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Be a part of the Photonics Innovation Village

Photonics Innovation Village at Photonics Europe

Participants announced. Submissions still accepted
The Photonics Innovation Village showcases research and innovative products from universities, nonprofits, and research centres. Organizations receive free exposure in the exhibtion hall and take part in a competition for prizes by sharing their latest findings to industry innovators and other photonics visionaries. 

Download application details

2020 Photonics Innovation Village participants

Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Spectro-polarimetric imaging system for early-stage skin cancer based on compact liquid crystal devices

Aalto University, Finland
A-Photonics Project
A compact sub-picosecond LASER with tuneable wavelength and controlled pulse rate

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
CAPS CMOS sensor
A NIR-range fast camera allowing sub-nanosecond exposure time with picosecond timing control

Institut Pasteur, France
An open-access and easy-access software for the analysis of biological images (microscopy, tracking, …)

TU Wien, Austria
A NEMS-based detector with a high-sensitivity over a wide infrared range

KAUST, Saudi Arabia
A high-speed data communication transceiver based on a semiconductor laser

Insper, Brazil
A low-level-light-therapy system to treat extensive wounds

StealthTransit Team
Stealth Transit system
A system mountable on classical telescopes in order to make invisible the transit of satellites

Purpose of the Innovation Village

Support and publicise research teams from universities, non-profit institutions and research centres who are working on research, new applications and product development.
Provide free exhibition space together with broad exposure and publicity to the young innovators who are developing the photonics-based products of the future.
Showcase Europe's (and the world's) finest research programmes and to encourage the transfer of optics/photonics research and technology into new and useful products.

Interested in Participating?
Applications are still being accepted

Review the participation details below and download the application information PDF. Space is limited, submit your application today.

Benefits of participating

Gain visibility to the international attendees of SPIE Photonics Europe, including technical attendees, press, and other officials. A special effort will be made to invite Venture Capital companies.
One complimentary "mini booth" space in the Photonics Innovation Village section of the SPIE Photonics Europe Exhibition.
One complimentary technical pass to SPIE Photonics Europe per group.
A project description will appear on the SPIE web site.
Included in press releases distributed to all industry publications.
Winners will receive an award of €1500. The first and second runner-up will each win €500.


The village will include one panel for displays and explanations, a table, and chairs.
It is mandatory to display a prototype or demonstration; however, the demonstration does not need to be continuous. It is recommended to also supply English-language literature describing your product.
Please ensure that you take out insurance cover for your products as appropriate.


The initiative can come from anyone active in the wide domain of photonics. There is no limitation on the number of team members, but three is the recommended number. Your team can be based anywhere in the world and can have affiliations and connections to other non-profit or profit making groups or companies.
You must have developed an actual product or have a prototype of the product which can be displayed. (Software for specific applications related to photonics is acceptable, as long as it can be demonstrated.)
Commercialised products currently being sold will not be considered. Basic improvements on existing products will also not be considered.
You must be able to attend Photonics Europe and be present at your booth.

Download application details

Important Author Dates

Abstracts due
7 October 2019

Author notification
10 December 2019

Post-Meeting Manuscripts
2 March 2020

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