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Nantong International Convention & Exhibition Center (NTICEC)
Nantong, Jiangsu, China
10 - 12 October 2021
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Travel to Nantong

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SPIE/COS Photonics Asia 2021 will be held in Nantong, China.

Nantong International Convention & Exhibition Center (NTICEC)  
NO.99 / 98 Xingtong Road, Nantong Development Zone,
Jiangsu Province, China
Phone / Tel: (86) 0513-59000092
Zip / P.C.226000

Nantong International Convention & Exhibition Center is located on the shore of Zilang Lake, south of Tonghu Avenue and east of Xingfu Road. It covers a total area of about 300 acres and a total construction area of about 185,000 square meters. The main body of the project consists of a conference center, an exhibition center, a science and technology center hotel (four-star), a conference center hotel (five-star), and a talent apartment.

More information on the NTICEC

Nantong, Nantong (“Southern Tong”) to avoid confusion with Tongzhou, near Beijing is situated on the northern shore of the head of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) estuary. Northward, it is connected with the Tongyang and Tonglü canal systems, which serve the coastal zone of Jiangsu north of the Yangtze and connect westward with the Grand Canal. Nantong, has been developed since the 1990s; this facility has greatly expanded the handling capacity of the ports group administered by the city and has made Nantong one of the largest ports along the Chinese coast.

Hotel and Reservation Information | Coming in Spring 

Clearance Information
If government and/or company clearance is required to present and publish your presentation, start the process now so that you receive clearance if your paper is accepted.

International travelers will need a Chinese visa to enter the country.

China’s currency is the Chinese Yuan (RMB or CN¥)

Weather in October
Daytime average high 23°C (74°F); low 16°C (61°F)


Abstract Due Date
19 May 2021

Author Notification
6 July 2021

Manuscript Due Date
20 September 2021

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