SPIE Slack help

Watch videos to learn how Slack is used for SPIE events

Below is a quick video to help you prepare for a SPIE event, using Slack to engage with presenters and colleagues. This video will walk you through how to get started in a new event workspace, find channels and conferences, and locate a specific presentation or paper.

Channels common to all workspaces:

  • #general - A Channel with information about the event, handy quick links, and other information.
  • #random - A place for non-work-related items you'd prefer to keep out of more focused commenting Channels.
  • #help - Information for attendees about getting help with Slack or any other matters.

Watch this quick tutorial video

The Slack logo and links appear with every part of the event program that has commenting enabled:

Slack icon


Desktop App or Browser?

Slack users can choose to run the program through a broswer, the downloaded desktop app, or the downloaded mobile app. For SPIE events, we recommend downloading and using the desktop app for the easiest use.

Still have questions or need further help? Contact SPIE Customer Service, customerservice@spie.org. We look forward to helping you.