Nantong International Convention & Exhibition Center (NTICEC)
    Nantong, Jiangsu, China
    10 - 19 October 2021
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    How to participate in the Digital Forum

    How To Participate

    Learn about easy registration and sign in, as well as other pointers for maximizing your Digital Forum experience. 

    Follow these steps to maximize your Digital Forum experience

    Participating in the free SPIE/COS Photonics Asia Digital Forum is straightforward. Below is an overview of the steps to take to have a successful week.


    1. Register for the Digital Forum

    It's free and easy. Register early so that you're ready to go on 11 October. Once you have registered, you are set. Anytime during the Digital Forum just sign into your SPIE account to start accessing all the great content.


    2. Sign in to your account during the week of the Forum

    By registering and signing in, all the content of the Forum will be available to you. Conference papers and presentations, live plenaries, and special technical events are all included with your registration. By signing in during the week of the Forum, you'll have access to all events.



    What You Need to Know to Plan Your Week

    The SPIE Conference App is a great tool to enhance your forum experience. Access everything happening in the Digital Forum on the go, from video presentations, posters, and Plenary sessions, to all manuscripts. Sign in and enjoy the event on your phone or tablet.


    Explore the Technical Program: Papers, Presentations, and Posters

    Browse the conference program to determine what content you want to see. All conference papers, posters, and video presentations are available on demand. 

    Conference content (papers, presentation videos, posters) will be linked to and hosted on the SPIE Digital Library. You will see icons associated with each item in the program:

    Clicking on an icon will take you to the Digital Library, where all the content will be presented to you on a single page.



    Watch Live Plenary Presentations

    Live plenary presentations will be hosted onlin 11 -13 October. All times shown on are in China Standard Time (CST).

    You will see links to access live content on the Live Plenary Sessions page. 



    11 - 16 October 2020 - Sunday through Friday. All times shown on are in China Standard Time (CST).

    Your SPIE Conference Program Coordinator, Matt Novak, will be sending out an email with further directions on how to continue your participation in what will now be an online event.  Any further questions? Contact him at:

    Free registration for the SPIE Photonics Asia Digital Forum is open. Sign up for email updates to ensure you receive the latest information.

    Your free Digital Forum registration will automatically give you access to all program content, and all Special Events. 

    Yes. Registrants are responsible for their own cancellation of travel arrangements and any applicable fees.

    If your institution or a travel company is requesting proof of cancellation please contact customer service to request a letter from SPIE that explains the cancellation of the event.