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    Past Event Overview

    SPIE Translational Biophotonics

    View the 2014 final program, including technical abstracts (2 MB PDF)

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    Meeting Overview

    Leaders in the field will discuss paths that led to their advancements and will also plot new directions for the future of optical imaging for both research and clinical applications. Clinicians will present their perspectives on application needs, while industry representatives will discuss pathways to commercialization. The poster session will be dedicated to new research advancements contributed by participants.

    This conference will bring together representatives of three communities: 

    - academia
    - industry
    - practicing clinicians

    Organized by SPIE and Rice University, this meeting will enable discussion between these related communities and encourage continuing development of new technologies and techniques with the goal of successful translation into practical biomedical use.

    Primary topics include the following.

    Diagnostic imaging and detection with applications in cancer diagnostics, cardiovascular imaging, infectious diseases (endoscopies, diffused imaging, spectroscopy)

    New techniques in microscopy and other emerging techniques (superresolution techniques, contrasts for microscopy, in vivo imaging)

    Analytical systems (microarrays, high-throughput detection)

    MD perspectives (unmet clinical needs)

    Industry perspectives (the implementation process, device success stories)