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    Photonics Europe 2020 - Digitial Forum

    SPIE Photonics Europe Digital Forum 2020

    Cutting-edge research from the photonics community

    In 2020 the in-person gathering scheduled for 29 March - 2 April in Strasbourg, France was cancelled due to the global COVID-19 health crisis. However, SPIE recognized the importantance for the photonics community to report the advances many had hoped to present at SPIE Photonics Europe. To continue the information exchange and networking that the photonics community values and relies on, in just a few short weeks the in-person meeting shifted to a new, Digital Forum.

    What is a Digital Forum?
    The SPIE Photonics Europe Digital Forum was free to all participants. Authors uploaded their presentations (audio and PowerPoint) leading up to the event. A free and simple sign-up gave participants access to the forum content from 6 - 10 April. Participants from the global photonics community accessed the authors’ works by watching presentations on their own schedule. A commenting section gave participants and authors a chance to engage in professional dialogue.

    Digital Forum results
    SPIE Photonics Europe Digital Forum 2020 had more than 3,700 people sign up for the opportunity to participate in the free event. Authors shared emerging research and technology advances — from digital optics and quantum technologies to biophotonics, optical imaging, sensing, and metrology.

    It was an active week with participants from 107 countries reviewing research and connecting online.

    Over 750 presentations, 500 manuscripts, 4 plenaries
    The programme included 6 tracks and 27 conferences.

    Over 21,500 video views and 16,000 papers downloaded
    An impressive number of interactions occurred throughout the week.
    Over 275 comments and questions supported dialogue
    A commenting feature offered attendees the opportunity to engage with authors.
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    Those who signed up received the Digital Forum Proceedings for free.

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