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    Past Event Overview

    The main focus of the 2010 meeting was technologies fourth generation systems: holographic, multidimensional, near field, super resolution and hybrid recording. The meeting was a forum for exchanging information on the status, advances, and future directions in the field of optical data storage.

    Attendees gathered on the scenic University of Colorado at Boulder campus for four days of presentations and courses.

    Download the Technical Program (PDF)

    The meeting covered:

    • Holographic recording
    • Multi-dimensional recording /li>
    • Near field recording
    • Super resolution
    • Hybrid recording
    • Advanced or related technologies
    • Optical recording materials
    • Basic theory and modeling
    • Testing and characterization
    • Media
    • Components
    • Coding and signal processing
    • Drive technologies
    • Systems and applications
    • Future emerging technologies
    • Nanophotonics
    • Plasmonics
    • Spintronics
    • Biophotonics
    • Hybrid materials and devices
    Organizing Committee

    General Chairs
    Robert R. McLeod, Univ. of Colorado
    In-Ho Choi, LG Electronics Inc.

    Program Committee
    Chair: Susanna Orlic, Berlin Univ. of Technology 
    Chair: Ryuichi Katayama, NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Vijayakumar Bhagavatula, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
    Lambertus Hesselink, Stanford Univ.
    Tzuan-Ren (Steven) Jeng, Industrial Technology Research Institute
    Kyung-Geun Lee, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Masud Mansuripur, Univ. of Arizona
    Hiroyuki Minemura, Hitachi Ltd.
    Kenji Tanaka, Sony Corp.
    Long-fa Pan, Tsinghua Univ.
    Kazuo Watabe, Toshiba Corp.
    Paul J. Wehrenberg, Apple Computer, Inc.
    Hisayuki Yamatsu, Sony Corp.

    Advisory Committee 
    Chair: Kevin Curtis, InPhase Technologies 
    Chair: Luping Shi, Data Storage Institute
    Bernard W. Bell, Optical Wizards
    Chong Tow Chong, Data Storage Institute
    Der-Ray Huang, National Dong Hwa Univ.
    Joo-Ho Kim, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Seiji Kobayashi, Sony Corp.
    Takeshi Maeda, Japan Science and Technology Agency
    Thomas D. Milster, Univ. of Arizona
    Naoyasu Miyagawa, Panasonic Corp.
    Michael P. O'Neill, Cellular Bioengineering, Inc.
    Young-Pil Park, Yonsei Univ.
    Tim Rausch, Seagate Technology
    Kimihiro Saito, Sony Corp.
    Barry H. Schechtman, Information Storage Industry Consortium
    Tuviah E. Schlesinger, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
    Takeshi Shimano, Hitachi Maxell Ltd.
    Yun Sup Shin, LG Electronics Inc.
    Din Ping Tsai, National Taiwan Univ.