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    Past Event Overview

    SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications 2015 Conference in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications 2015, a biennial conference that focuses on nano- and microscale materials and applications, technologies that are enabling promising new advancements in photonics, energy, security, information, and medicine.

    A look back at the 2015 Conference

    Final Program (1MB PDF)

    Abstracts (1MB PDF)

    Over 225 presentations in the areas of: nanostructured and biocompatible materials, medical and biological micro/nanodevices, micro/nanofluidics and optofluidics, nanophotonics for biology and medical applications, plasmonics, photonics, solar cell technologies, fabrication, and more.
    Plenary Presentations
    Michal Lipson, Cornell University

    Strong Interaction Between Photons, Phonons, and Electrons Enabled by Silicon Photonics

    Michal Lipson,
    Columbia University (United States)

    Fiorenzo Omenetto, Tufts University

    Silk Biomaterials: A Life on the Edge

    Fiorenzo Omenetto,
    Tufts University (United States)

    Gordon G. Wallace, Univ. of Wollongong

    3D Fabrication Nano to Macroscopic:
    Why We Need That!

    Gordon G. Wallace,
    Univ. of Wollongong (Australia)

    Finding ET on a Chip: Photonic Solutions for Exoplanetary Discovery

    Peter G. Tuthill,
    The University of Sydney (Australia)