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    Past Event Overview

    Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana

    Thank you to all who attended SPIE Biophotonics South America. The event focused on photonic techniques for diagnostics and treatment using light-biological system interactions to collect biochemical/structural information, induce photonic or photochemical response, and monitor in situ response.

    2015 Final Technical Program (1 MB PDF)
    2015 Technical Abstracts (550 KB PDF)

    Conference Topics
     • Tissue optics
     • Spectroscopy of biological systems
     • Tissue microscopy
     • Nanobiophotonics
     • Photodiagnostics
     • Instrumentation
     • Clinical applications
    Co-located with IPA Congress 2015
    SPIE Biophotonics South America is co-located with IPA (International Photodynamic Association) 2015, a biennial international event organized by the IPA. One registration gives you access to both events.
    IPA Congress
    Copacabana Palace Hotel
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    23-26 May 2015

    Local Committee
     • Christina Kurachi
     • Vanderlei S. Bagnato
     • Lilian T. Moriyama
     • Natalia M. Inada
     • Sebastiao Pratavieira
    University of Sao Paulo - Sao Carlos Institute of Physics, Department of Physics and Material Science

    In celebration of:

    Cosponsors: IPA, SPIE, FAPESP, CNPq




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