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SPIE Optifab Job Fair

Find your dream job. Find your ideal employee.

Make the right connections at the SPIE Job Fair

Employees can take advantage of this opportunity to hone interviewing skills and connect with potential employers. Companies can search out and meet potential new hires. Access the one-day job fair with any SPIE Optifab registration.

Meet repsentatives from these participating companies

Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center  
Wednesday 20 October 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Come meet with recruiters, colleagues, and leaders in the field

Join the after hours Career Networking Mixer

Recruiters from the Job Fair will be present to offer advice for your job search. Come grab a snack, a drink, and network with other industry and academia professionals from 5-6 PM on Wednesday after the Job Fair. Sponsored by Asphericon and SPIE Career Center.

For candidates

Whether you're looking for a better job, re-entering the workforce, or just starting out, plan to visit the  Job Fair. Come prepared to discuss your skills and talents with industry leading companies. The Job Fair is held in conjunction with the SPIE Optifab Exhibition and registration is required.

What you get

  • Gain visibility with hiring companies
  • A variety of employers and hundreds of job opportunities
  • Network with employers and industry peers
  • Post your CV/resume online


  • Upload your CV or resume in advance to be found by employers
  • Be prepared to tell the recruiter about yourself in less than two minutes. That may not seem like much time but it's all you'll probably get
  • Write down everything you want them to know about you and then condense it as much as possible
  • Practice it until you feel comfortable and ask everyone you know to listen to your story
  • During these practice sessions focus on talking slowly, because when you're nervous you're bound to speed up
  • Remember, the more you practice, the less likely you are to make a mistake during the actual conversation

Contact the SPIE Career Center to learn more.
Call: +1 360 685 5551

For employers

Participating in the Job Fair is a great way to meet qualified engineers and technical talent to strengthen your employment brand and make direct hires. Over the years SPIE has worked with more than 3,000 companies, recruiters, and research institutions to help them find technicians, technical sales people, scientists, and engineers. Each year hundreds of companies and research institutions participate in SPIE Job Fairs, onsite and online.

What you get

  • Company logo on SPIE Website
  • Company description listed in online directory
  • Three 30-day online job postings
  • Online, searchable access to the SPIE resume database

Unable to attend?

Sign up to recruit

Contact the SPIE Career Center to sign-up or learn more.
Call: +1 360 685 5551