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11 - 15 August 2019
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SPIE Optics + Photonics Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for SPIE Optics and Photonics

Present your research at SPIE Optics + Photonics 2019
Follow these instructions to develop a successful abstract and accompanying manuscript for the conference and for publication in the Proceedings of SPIE in the SPIE Digital Library.

Post-deadline Abstracts
Submission Portal

Author Notification
8 April 2019

Manuscripts due
17 July 2019

How to submit a post-deadline abstract

1. Click on the button/links below to see list of online conferences under each area, or view the Call PDF. Select the ONE conference that most closely matches the topics in your abstract. You may submit your abstract to only one conference.

Nanoscience + Engineering  ›

         Call for Papers PDF

Organic Photonics ›
 Call for Papers PDF

          Call for Papers PDF

Optical Engineering ›
 Call for Papers PDF

          Call for Papers PDF

2. Make a note of that conference number.
3. Click 'Submit a post-deadline abstract to SPIE Optics + Photonics'
4. Log in and begin the submission wizard. When prompted, include the number of the conference to which you want to submit, for example OP101 or 10719.

What you will need to submit

A completed electronic submission is due 30 January 2019 and should include the following:

1. Title
2. Author(s)' information
3. 250-word abstract for technical review
4. 100-word summary for the program
5. Keywords used in search for your paper (optional)
6. Your decision on publishing your presentation recording to the SPIE Digital Library
7. Some conferences may indicate additional requirements in the Call for Papers

Note: Only original material should be submitted. Commercial papers, papers with no new research/development content, and papers with proprietary restrictions will not be accepted for presentation.

Submission agreement

Presenting authors, including keynote, invited, oral, and poster presenters, agree to the following conditions by submitting an abstract. An author or coauthor will:

Register and attend the meeting.
Present as scheduled.
Publish a 6-20 page manuscript (4 page minimum for NanoScience + Engineering) in Proceedings of SPIE in the SPIE Digital Library.
Obtain funding for registration fees, travel, and accommodations, independent of SPIE, through their sponsoring
Ensure that all clearances, including government and company clearance, have been obtained to present and publish. If you are a DoD contractor in the USA, allow at least 60 days for clearance.

Important dates

Abstracts due 30 January 2019
Author notification (by email) of acceptance and presentation details 8 April 2019
Manuscripts due 17 July 2019

Review and program placement

To ensure a high-quality conference, all submissions will be assessed by the Conference Chair/Editor for technical merit and suitability of content.
Conference Chair/Editors reserve the right to reject for presentation any paper that does not meet content or presentation expectations.
Final placement in an oral or poster session is subject to the Chairs' discretion.

Publication of Proceedings on the SPIE Digital Library

Conference Chair/Editors may require manuscript revision before approving publication and reserve the right to reject for publication any paper that does not meet acceptable standards for a scientific publication.
Conference Chair/Editors' decisions on whether to allow publication of a manuscript is final.
Authors must be authorized to transfer copyright of the manuscript to SPIE, or provide a suitable publication license.
Only papers presented at the conference and received according to publication guidelines and timelines will be published in the conference Proceedings of SPIE in the SPIE Digital Library.
More publication information available on the SPIE Digital Library.

Contact information

For questions about your presentation, submitting an abstract post-deadline, or the meeting, contact your Conference Program Coordinator.

For questions about your manuscript, contact AuthorHelp@spie.org.