San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California, United States
1 - 5 August 2021
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Onsite Social Media Photo Contest

Optics + Photonics 2018 Social Media Photo Contest

Optics + Photonics 2018 Social Media Photo Contest -
Encourages conference attendees to snap and post a pic as they observe, experience and engage with light.

Thank you to all who participated this year. View all the great entries!

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About the contest

Examples could include natural (sunlight), manufactured (lasers, LED), or in whatever way one sees light in action, or how it might be experienced in the conferences, at the exhibition, or around San Diego. See some examples below.

See Light See light
Snap a pic Snap a pic
Post + tag it Post + tag it
Win prizes
Win prizes

Possible content includes, but not exclusive to:

 • Various properties of light and how it interacts with the world at large
 • Light technology such as lasers, LEDs, etc.
 • Images created with light technology: telescopes and microscopes
People interacting with light and/or light technology

Examples of, but not limited to:

Sunset reflected on a building    Exterior light sticks 

Lit wall art    Sunrise touching an airplane wing   

 Prism on a wall    Lights through a window

Post your best pics

Social Media icons
 • Using #eyeSPIE, #SPIEOpticsPhotonics
Naming your shot is encouraged
 • Contest runs between Saturday, August 18 and Wednesday, August 22 
Winner(s) announced, and prizes awarded, daily. You can enter more than once.
 • Images entered may be posted to the Event News Page and used in other SPIE promotions. Photo credits will be given.

Check out the photo entries so far!


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