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San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California, United States
11 - 15 August 2019
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Exhibitor Product Announcements

Product announcements will be posted as they are received.

9 August 2019: LAS-BT™ NexGen

Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.

Introducing OATi’s next generation benchtop model of Lens Alignment and Assembly Station (LAS-BT™). LAS-BT™ NexGen is a metrology-grade instrument designed for high-precision lens centration and tilt measurements on single element, doublet, triplet, and multi-element lens assemblies with radius ranging from +/- 1.0mm to infinity (plano) and diameters from 1mm to 150mm (60kg payload), including spherical, aspheric, cylindrical and parabolic surfaces. All this can be done with a single objective lens allowing for a fast and easy measurement. Improved vertical stage with 0.1 µm vertical encoder option for precision Vertex (CT, air gap) and ROC measurement

LAS-BT™ NexGen, benchtop model of our lens alignment and assembly system is the best lens centration and assembly tool available for smaller optical assemblies. It has a unique laser-based technology that offers several measurement and performance advantages over the traditional autocollimator used by our competitors. What benefits does the new design offer?

1. Improved flatness and straightness of vertical travel >>> more accurate alignment
2. Improved tolerance to changes in ambient temperature
3. Improved resistance to vibration
4. Higher precision vertical stage >>> ball screw with safety cover, no pinch points
5. Higher resolution vertical encoder option >>> more accurate Vertex and ROC measurement
6. Comparable centration and height measurement performance to larger models but in a smaller footprint

• Green (520nm) laser reflection based Optical Module
• 533mm vertical linear focusing movement with micro-stepping motor and high-precision rotary encoder
• Ø100mm motorized air-bearing spindle (ABS) with vacuum through center
• Ø150mm integrated x/y/tip/tilt stage
• CalcuLens™ Assembly software for measuring alignment errors of single, cemented doublet and triplet lenses
• Measuring accuracy 0.2μm centration and 0.5 arcsec tilt, depending on the lens specs and opto-mechanical design
• Mechanical dial indicator with calibration lens
• Maximum axial load capacity ~132lb (60Kg).
• System weight ~155lb (70Kg.)
• System dimensions 18"x20"x45" (457x508x1143mm)
• System Requirements:
- Compressed air, pressure: 60PSI (0.004bars)
- Dry air: 40 Dew point
- Filter: ±0.005mm
- Air low: 4 SF/Min (0.113CM/Min)
- Electrical rating: 120/240V 50/60Hz @ 1Amp

• Red (660nm) Laser
• SWIR (1550nm) or MWIR(4.05μm) Laser
• 700mm vertical focusing travel
• Custom brass chucks
• Self centering three-jaw chuck
• CalcuLens™ Inspection software for measuring in-stack (embedded) lens alignment values
• CalcuSurf™ precision USB Lever Probe with digital gage and real-time profiling application
• Low-Coherence Distance Measurement Interferometer for CT and air gap measurement
• Aspheric Tilt Module
• 3D Surface Profiler Module
• Non-contact TIR Probe
• Image Analysis Module (provides on-axis MTF, EFL, BFL, FFL measurement)
• CalcuLens™ Vertex/ROC

LAS-BT™ NexGen is a 155 lb version of the standard 6200 lb LAS-XUP™, at a lower price point that delivers the same high precision but for smaller lens assemblies. It is designed for aligning and cementing doublets or triplets, aligning and centering lenses during small lens-assembly, or inspecting completed small assemblies for centration and tilt quality assurance. The same easy operation and user-friendly software is included in the updated benchtop as in the entire LAS family. LAS does not require an engineer to operate it. Technicians can be trained in a just a few hours and will quickly become experts in its use.

Best lens alignment technology on the market… on your benchtop! LAS-BT™ NexGen

Find out more or contact Opto-Alignment Technology, Inc.

6 August 2019: Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs)

Laser Components USA, Inc.

New to LASER COMPONENTS USA portfolio, HOLOEYE's PLUTO-2 phase-only modulator comes with a driver unit and is based on a reflective LCOS microdisplay with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 8.0 μm pixel pitch, currently offered in ten different configurations.

Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs) are used as an adaptive optical element to modulate the amplitude, phase, or polarization of light waves in space and time. Typical applications include machine vision, biophotonics, wavefront modulation, and holography; as well as laser beam shaping in material processing.

On display booth 425

More info: https://www.lasercomponents.com/us/optics/spatial-light-modulators-slm/

Find out more or contact Laser Components USA, Inc.

6 August 2019: Custom High-Transmission Polarizers

Laser Components USA, Inc.

CODIXX colorPol polarizers are based on a unique technology utilizing nanoparticles embedded in a glass substrate that offers many advantages over thin film polarizers. The company has over 20 years of design and manufacturing expertise of high-quality polarizers for ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral ranges and offers custom solutions at a competitive price.

The dichroic glass polarizers are exclusively available in North America through LASER COMPONENTS USA, Inc. since 2004. A team of experienced sales engineers support the product line for all spectral ranges, contrast conditions and designs.

On display booth 425

More info: https://www.lasercomponents.com/us/optics/polarizers/high-transmission-polarizers/

Find out more or contact Laser Components USA, Inc.

6 August 2019: Custom High-Performance Diffractive Scattering Optics

Laser Components USA, Inc.

Thanks to an innovative production process, LASER COMPONENTS can now offer custom high-performance broadband diffusers manufactured by our supplier Holo/OR at a low price. These scatter filters cover a wavelength range from UV to NIR and are specifically designed for high-power laser applications that use multiple wavelengths in the same optical path. The light is uniformly distributed at an efficiency of over 90% and does not create a zero-diffraction order. The diffusers can be used like ordinary diffractive optical elements (DOEs) and are available in round, rectangular, and linear spot shapes.

Typical applications include aesthetic medicine, which requires just a few wavelengths for various procedures, microscopy with broadband sources, and scientific applications.

On display booth 425

More info: https://www.lasercomponents.com/us/product/diffractive-optical-elements-for-beam-shaping/

Find out more or contact Laser Components USA, Inc.

6 August 2019: Custom Thin Films for Wafer Coatings

Laser Components USA, Inc.

Upon customer request, LASER COMPONENTS can coat substrates with diameters of up to 390 mm, including, for example, wafers that are required in microchip manufacturing and other industries. The blanks may consist of silicon, fused silica, N-BK7, or other glasses. In addition to standard coatings, it is also possible to achieve application-specific coatings, such as AR coatings and all mirror types.

In many cases, chip wafers and similar components must also be equipped with dielectric layers. However, this is usually not part of the manufacturer’s core business. As a result, many companies do not have the necessary equipment or know-how to apply reliable coatings. LASER COMPONENTS is a partner with decades of experience in the application of thin films. The manufacturer delivers the cleaned wafers, indicates the desired specifications, and receives the finished coated parts back after a few weeks.

On display booth 425

More info: https://www.lasercomponents.com/us/services/product-services/job-coatings/

Find out more or contact Laser Components USA, Inc.

10 July 2019: Ppoint Source Microscope (PSM) spatial and angular calibration packages

Optical Perspectives Group, LLC

OPG offers national laboratory traceable line width and thin prism artifacts to calibrate the PSM for spatial scale and for converting the spatial scale to angle. Both artifacts calibrate the PSM independent of objective and camera used. The spatial scale artifact is a 2.5” square by 1 mm thick substrate with a 1” square, chrome on glass, square wave grating with a spacing of 4 lp/mm. The angle calibration artifact is a 1” diameter, unmounted, bare glass window with a 30 arc minute wedge. Both calibration artifacts come with Certificates of measurement showing traceability.

Find out more or contact Optical Perspectives Group, LLC

26 June 2019: Optomechanical system for the linear displacement of several lens groups over a long stroke

MPS Micro Precision Systems AG

Offering its customers a custom-made high-performance optomechanical system in a few weeks is the challenge that MPS Microsystems has taken up by developing its latest innovation, a high-precision configurable platform composed of several miniature lens actuators operating on the same axis. Depending on the desired configuration, this system allows to move very precisely 1 to 4 sets of lenses (carriage) over a stroke of a few millimeters to several centimeters. The design has been optimized to ensure perfect coaxiality of the lenses and minimize the tilt throughout the movement. This electromechanical system mainly consists of MPS and FAULHABER high-precision standard modules, such as DC motors, lead screws or ground ball screws with double nuts and linear ball bearings. It is particularly recommended for focusing a laser over a long stroke, for example, for guidance of unmanned flying objects or for the communication between flying objects. Such a system is also ideal for moving the optics in stereoscopic surgical glasses. The number of carriages, lens size and stroke can be configured as desired. For higher precision, the fixing of the axes in a rigid aluminium frame guarantees perfect stability and therefore improved optics. If necessary, the integration of encoders for closed-loop management makes it possible to achieve repeatability in the micron range.
The version, miniaturized to the extreme, exhibited at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich has the following technical characteristics:

Dimensions 38mm x 27mm x 23mm
Weight 21 grams
Number of mobile carriages 4
Stroke 2.5mm per carriage
Material Aluminum and steel
Drive 4 Faulhaber 6mm stepper motors (DM0620)
Translation Lead screw M1.2 x 0.25
Guides MPS linear ball bearings type L204X
Maximal speed 30mm/s
Repeatability 10 µm
Lens diameter Max. 4.5mm
Rigid frame No
Encoder No

Find out more or contact MPS Micro Precision Systems AG

21 June 2019: Kaleo MULTIWAVE


The Kaleo-MultiWAVE bench is a unique instrument that delivers wavefront error at multiple wavelengths. Optics such as lenses, filters or mirrors can be characterized at their working wavelength. The KaleoMultiWAVE works at different wavelengths to perform qualification of the optics and coating at the working wavelengths of the coating.

The KaleoMultiWAVE bench is an advantageous alternative to the purchase of several interferometers, and offers a superior accuracy similar to interferometry as well as great dynamics over large diameter.

Measurement are done in double pass, either in transmission or reflection.

Find out more or contact PHASICS Corp.

13 June 2019: FC3 Fiber Collimator

Micro Laser Systems, Inc.

The FC3 Adjustable Fiber Collimator generates a 1mm beam with low wavefront error from singlemode fibers. The focus adjustment allows you to tune to your wavelength and lock it down. This collimator is useable from 350nm to 1700nm in three separate wavelength ranges. Besides collimation, you can also adjust the focus to give micron size spots with long depth of focus. Back end has an FC or FC/APC receptacle for use with any type laser. Typical applications include scanning, quantum optics, particle analysis. These collimators can be customized for optimization in your system. Our products are designed and manufactured in California, USA.

Find out more or contact Micro Laser Systems, Inc.

6 June 2019: FCPL - First Contact Plastics-safe Polymer Formula

Photonic Cleaning Technologies

At Photonic Cleaning Technologies we are constantly pushing the limits of our polymer engineering capabilities to pursue safe cleaning methods for existing and emerging substrates. The use of plastic optics has expanded in the optics industry as manufacturers have developed new and better products and we have had many requests for a plastics-safe polymer from optics manufacturers and users and we listened.

Our First Contact Plastics-safe Polymer Formula is a designer blend of polymers and solvents developed to safely clean most plastics optics. Photonic Cleaning Technologies contracted a coating lab to test our FCPL Formula on a variety of plastics and they found polystyrene, acrylic and Zeonex safe as well as some polycarbonates. We understand that within each of these categories (except Zeonex) there can be many different formulations, so we always suggest testing on a non-critical surface before wholesale application. As with all our First Contact Polymer formulas, our FCPL Formula cleans to the molecular level and leaves no contamination or residue. And we won't stop there. We will continue to engineer our plastics-safe formula to eventually encompass the entire substrate spectrum

Products are currently available on our webstore at www.PhotonicCleaning.com and more FCPL products are on the horizon.

Find out more or contact Photonic Cleaning Technologies

5 June 2019: PG&O® Introduces Finished Infrared Optics for Biomedical, Military, and Industrial Applications

Precision Glass & Optics

• Company will showcase finished infrared (IR) optical components and thin film filters for biomedical, industrial, and defense applications at SPIE Optics + Photonics booth #345, Aug. 13-15, 2019, San Diego Convention Center, CA.

SANTA ANA, CA - Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O - www.pgo.com), introduces finished infrared (IR) optics for a variety of commercial and defense applications. PG&O’s new fabrication capability utilizes several infrared materials, including calcium fluoride (CaF2), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), zinc selenide (ZnSe), and zinc sulfide (ZnS) to deliver optically-clean, polished IR materials. The new optics operate from 0.75 µm, the near-infrared (NIR), out to15 µm, the longwave-infrared (LWIR) spectrum.

Dan Bukaty, Jr., president of Precision Glass & Optics, notes, “In response to many customer requests, we are delighted to now offer finished infrared optics. Selecting the best infrared optical materials is essential to producing an optimal result. We are committed to fabricating with the finest materials available, which puts us in the ideal position to meet our customer’s most critical needs.”

Finished infrared optics are used extensively in a wide variety of applications, including biomedical, industrial, military/defense, homeland security, surveillance systems, automotive, fire control, lasers, night vision, and more.

For more information about Precision Glass & Optics’ infrared materials and IR optics, please call 714-540-0126. If you’re planning to attend SPIE Optics + Photonics 2019 in San Diego, please stop by booth # 345 to learn more about PG&O’s new finished IR optics and the company’s customized optical solutions for diverse applications.

PRECISION GLASS & OPTICS (PG&O) – www.pgo.com – Since 1985, PG&O has delivered high quality, precision glass, optics, and optical coatings for a variety of applications. The company has an extremely large inventory of glass products and a full optical fabrication shop to provide advanced optical coatings and to manufacture large mirror blanks. PG&O recently introduced a new finished infrared (IR) optics fabrication service. Other services include CNC machining, polishing, slicing, sawing, scribing, grinding, edging, assembly, and more. With three large coating chambers, and an expert, in-house engineering staff, our cost-effective and reliable optics and advanced thin film coatings are ideal for military, aerospace, astronomy, biomedical, imaging, laser, digital cinema, solar markets, and more.

Find out more or contact Precision Glass & Optics

9 May 2019: Portable CO2 Snow Jet

Applied Surface Technologies

Applied Surface Technologies introduces a new portable CO2 snow cleaning unit based upon lecture bottles. These units are aimed for remote operation, away from a laboratory, and is aimed at small samples. The small stainless steel lecture bottles volume ranges from 300 to 500 cubic cm and the entire units weigh from 3.1 to 4.1 lbs. Units can deliver up to about 75 short blasts for CO2 gas feed. Liquid feed is also available. Cleaning application include particle and hydrocarbon removal. Refilling is easy and can be done onsite in less than 2 minutes. Information is at www.co2clean.com/equipment and prices are at www.co2clean.com/price-list. Demonstrations at the booth.

Find out more or contact Applied Surface Technologies

18 April 2019: Production and upscaling of tools for micro and nanotechnology


3D AG has specialized in the processing of micro and nanostructures. We manufacture durable nickel tools from many base materials, i.e.: photoresist, polymers, steel alloys and many others. Our state of the art galvanic tanks allow to manufacture shims of sizes up to 1100 x 1700 mm2. If you only hold a small sized sample, we have a self-developed high precision UV recombination machine enabling us to upscale your structure up to 1000 x 1200 mm2 thus creating a large structured surface area. From lab to industrial sizes we manufacture your tooling for the mass replication of your structure.

Find out more or contact 3D AG

17 April 2019: Silica/Silica Non Circular Core Fiber

Sia Armadillo

Optran NCC UV/WF
Silica/Silica Non Circular Core Fiber:

Armadillo Sia® non circular core silica optical fibers show the same exceptional performance and transmission as Optran UV/WF fibers with circular core geometry. With its good image scrambling and low focal ratio degradation it is ideal for astronomy applications. When used with diode lasers which give a square shaped output, the square core fibers offer greater coupling efficiencies than circular fibers. In laser applications such as surface pre-treatment, material can be processed in a more uniform fashion than is possible with a circular beam due to less overlapping. The square output beam reduces the need for beam shaping optics.

Find out more or contact Sia Armadillo

17 April 2019: Modal Deformable Mirror


ALPAO, leader in adaptive optics components and systems, extends its range of deformable mirrors. Modal Deformable Mirrors (DMM) allow to use adaptive optics as never before! They provide an excellent correction of the most common optical aberrations (e.g. focus or astigmatism). With 7 or 8 control channels, each of them corresponding to one optical mode, the control is straightforward. This new product can be customized to fit your industrial application. Have a look at www.alpao.com!

Find out more or contact ALPAO S.A.S.

16 April 2019: GSPO’s Clean Room has Doubled in Size

GS Plastic Optics

Our class 10,000 Clean Room has recently doubled to accommodate growing demand in the defense, medical, and commercial assembly markets. Right here in our Rochester, NY facility, we proudly offer the following:
• Strictly controlled and adaptable settings to accommodate large or small volumes
• Automated and semi-automated assembly and test processes for assurance of consistency and accuracy
• Continued expansion of our turnkey operations so that we can offer a range of services from diamond turning, machining, injection molding, coating and assembly

Find out more or contact GS Plastic Optics

16 April 2019: GSPO Installs New Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning Machine

GS Plastic Optics

GSPO Installs New Ultra-Precision Diamond
Turning Machine
We are excited to expand our capacity to machine high precision parts! Our single point diamond turning needs have grown, and
to meet the increased demand we recently invested in a brand new Precitech Nanoform® X Diamond Turning machine. The new Nanoform X offers improved and expanded capabilities allowing us to offer the following:
• A rotary B-axis for tool-normal machining and high slope diffractive surfaces
• Industry leading surface form and finish due to the lathe’s picometer (10-9 m) scale positioning accuracy
and thermal stability
• The ability to cut parts up to 440mm in diameter, more than twice the diameter that we could cut before
• Increased production efficiency and lead times, due to improved tool setup and workpiece positioning
• Network connectivity to transfer toolpath files and remotely troubleshoot problems, resulting in greater

Find out more or contact GS Plastic Optics

16 April 2019: Vertical Integration = Successful Optics Supply Programs

GS Plastic Optics

At GS Plastic Optics, our only focus is on providing our customers with specifically designed polymer optics that improve:
• Performance of your product
• Competitiveness of your business
• Your market share

Vertical integration of services and manufacturing at GS Plastic Optics improves customer satisfaction by eliminating multiple suppliers. We offer these customer benefits:
• One supplier managing your entire program
• Shorter lead times
• Reduced logistics costs
• Ease of expediting product in a critical situation

GS Plastic Optics in-house services include:

Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT)
o Quick turn around prototypes for design validation before investing in production molds
o Low or high volume production to meet demanding requirements for optical precision and delivery schedules

Tooling and Machining
o CNC milling machines for rapid turnaround on tooling and fixtures
o High precision blanks for SPDT machining of plastic parts and for steel optical inserts used in molds

Injection Molding
o Presses ranging from 20 to 200 tons
o State-of-the-art machines and programmable controls for highest precision molding
o Variety of machines enables flexible scheduling to meet customer delivery requirements

Thin-Film Coating
o (HR) Reflective gold, silver and aluminum
o (AR) Anti-reflection in various wavelengths
o Custom formula development to meet customer design requirements

o State-of-the art instruments to confirm and document that production processes meet the most challenging customer optics specifications
o QA department and metrology instruments are located in the center of our plant near all manufacturing work centers for fast access and high efficiency

Assembly and Packaging
o Class 10,000 clean room for opto-mechanical assembly o Custom parts packaging ensure safe arrival to customer and compliance with customer inventory standards and production handling requirements

At the end of the day, the GS Plastic Optics integrated manufacturing system benefits our customers with high quality optical components delivered on-time and on-budget, helping you to improve:
• Product performance
• Company competitiveness •
• Your market share

Find out more or contact GS Plastic Optics

15 April 2019: LAB Motion System RT150U

KOHZU Precision & LAB Motion Systems c/o Daniel F Crews, LLC

RT150U is the most precise rotary air bearing available on the world market. Outstanding performance with sub-20nm axial and radial synchronous error, high axial and radial stiffness in a compact, rigid structure.

Catalog and datasheets available.


Dan Crews | (303) 944-1082 | dan@dfcrews.com

Find out more or contact KOHZU Precision & LAB Motion Systems c/o Daniel F Crews, LLC

7 December 2018: ColorRAD for Color imaging in radiation environments, now with GigE

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

Thermo Scientific - CIDTEC introduces the latest product to their line of radiation hardened cameras, the ColorRAD for Color imaging in radiation environments with optional GigE interface, and the KiloRAD PTZ with integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions. These high performance CID (Charge Injection Device) based, radiation hardened cameras provides sharp, crisp video images in medium to high flux rates, with Color imaging up to 3 x 10^6 rads total dose.
The new ColorRAD product line complements the MegaRAD series of monochrome version radiation hardened cameras which operate to at least 1 x 10^6 rads total dose, and operate in total radiation dose exposure over 100 times greater than what conventional CCD and CMOS cameras can tolerate. This radiation hardness makes the ColorRAD and the MegaRAD series of cameras well suited for nuclear medicine, reactor surveillance, vessel inspection, waste monitoring, accelerator experiments, hot cells, safety (ALARA) programs, and other radiation hardened imaging applications common to nuclear power generation, decommissioning, waste disposal, and the high energy physics markets. The new ColorRAD version cameras offer end users unprecedented color imaging wherever radiation may be present.

In addition, the KiloRAD PTZ is a radiation tolerant camera fully integrated with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions, designed specifically for operation within radiation environments where variable remote monitoring is required such as patient monitoring in Oncology applications, or hot cell environments

Find out more or contact Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

15 November 2018: STANDARD Molded GLASS Aspheric Condenser Lenses

Moulded Optics GmbH

Moulded Optics GmbH is offering a new standard line of competitively priced, readily available in small to large volume quantities from stock, of precision-molded Aspheric Condenser Lenses with or without outer flange, or with edge diameter, from Schott B270 Superwite® Crown (nd = 1.5230), Duran® borosilicate (nd = 1.4800) and F2 high-refraction index (nd = 1.62004) or equivalent glass materials (ROHS compliant), in over (24) diameter sizes from 4mm to 80mm. The aspheric first surface is molded and the plano or spherical second surface is either ground and polished or molded. The lenses are specifically designed and manufactured to satisfy most types of illumination applications.

Find out more or contact Moulded Optics GmbH

30 October 2018: AMC100 - New Motion Controller Enhances Power and Usability

attocube systems Inc.

attocube, technology leader for nanoprecise motion solutions, announces its new controller AMC100, which is available for all Industrial Line temperature positioners. The new hardware features higher peak currents to improve the performance of the positioners. It is available in an open-loop version or with integrated feedback loop for optoelectronic /NUM(+)-sensors. The new control unit offers Ethernet connectivity and a redesigned GUI which allows for intuitive and easy operation of unlimited number of controllers in a single window.

Like its predecessor it can be controlled via DLL and LabView drivers and - as additional feature - also via platform independent JSON commands. Following demands for easy OS-independent control, the integrated webserver offers all basic functionality, such as initializing and driving the positioners from any device using a web browser. Advanced in- and output trigger interfaces are also optionally available as an option.

Find out more or contact attocube systems Inc.

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