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Swinburne Univ. of Technology
Melbourne, Australia
10 - 13 December 2017
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SPIE NanoPhotonics Australasia 2017

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Call for Papers for SPIE NanoPhotonics Australasia, a multidisciplinary forum with a focus on research that has enabled promising new nanophotonic technologies and applications across many fields, including photonics, energy, security, information, and medicine.

Online details, abstract submission guidelines, and more

Call for Papers (PDF)

Broad topics of interest include:

Nanophotonic Materials
Solar Cell Technologies
Biophotonics and Applications
Micro/Nanofluidics and Optofluidics
Medical and Biological Micro/Nanodevices

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Federico Capasso

Meta-optics at Visible Wavelengths

Federico Capasso, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (United States)

Benjamin J. Eggleton

Harnessing Opto-acoustic Interactions in Nanoscale Integrated Circuits

Benjamin L. Eggleton, The Univ. of Sydney (Australia)

Alexander L. Gaeta

Silicon-Chip-Based Nonlinear Photonics

Alexander L. Gaeta, Columbia Univ. (United States)

Chennupati Jagadish

Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronics Applications

Chennupati Jagadish, Australian National Univ. (Australia)

Yuri Kivshar

All-Dielectric Nanophotonics and Metasurfaces Driven by Mie Resonances

Yuri Kivshar, Australian National Univ. (Australia)

Eli Yablonovich

The Optical Antenna LED: Faster than the LASER

Eli Yablonovitch, Univ. of California, Berkeley (United States)

Keynote Speakers for 2017 include:

Christodoulidis, Demetri, CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics, Univ. of Central Florida (United States)
Kippenberg, Tobias, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Invited Speakers for 2017 include:

Aharonovich, Igor, Univ. of Technology Sydney (Australia)
Bai, Yuhong,  Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (China)
Bell, Toby, Monash Univ. (Australia)
Bettiol, Andrew,  National Univ. of Singapore (Singapore)
Blanco, Redondo Andrea, The Univ. of Sydney (Australia)
Brasselet, Etienne, Bordeaux Univ. (France)
Cadarso, Busto Victor, Monash Univ. (Australia)
Chen, Feng,  Shandong Univ. (China)
Chen, Qi-Dai,  Jilin Univ. (China)
Choi, Duk, Australian National Univ. (Australia)
Choi, Suk-Ho, Kyunghee Univ. (Korea, Republic of)
del Haye, Pascal, Royal Research Labs. (United Kingdom)
Fainman, Shaya, Univ. of California, San Diego (United States)
Furube, Akihiro,  Tokushima Univ. (Japan)
Gao, Feng,  Linköping Univ. (Sweden)
Goldys, Ewa, Macquarie Univ. (Australia)
Hao, Xiaotai,  Shandong Univ. (China)
Hatanaka, Koji, Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
Helvajian, Henry, Aerospace Ltd. (United States)
Hu, Yanlei, Univ. of Science and Technology (China)
Huang, Shei-Wu, Univ. of California, Los Angeles (United States)
Hudson, Darren, Macquarie Univ. (Australia)
Jaque, Daniel,  Univ. Autónoma de Madrid (Spain)
Kao, Tsung Sheng, Natinoal Chaio Tung Univ. (Taiwan)
Kawata, Yoshimasa, Shizuoka Univ. (Japan)
Khajavikhan, Mercedeh, CREOL (United States)
Kim, Myunsik, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)
Kowalska, Ewa, Hokkaido Univ. (Japan)
Krauss, Thomas, York Univ. (United Kingdom)
Krolikowski, Wieslaw, Australian National Univ. (Australia)
Kuyken, Bart, Ghent Univ. (Netherlands)
Lee, Byoungho,  Seoul National Univ. (Korea, Republic of)
Li, Yongnan,  Nankai Univ. (China)
Li, Zhiyuan, Chinese Academy of Science (China)
Li, Zhaohui, Zhongshan Univ. (China)
Lin, Jiao, RMIT Univ. (Australia)
Lowery, Arthur, Monash Univ. (Australia)
Mitchell, Arnan, RMIT Univ. (Australia)
Mizeikis, Vygantas, Shizuoka Univ. (Japan)
Neshev, Dragomir, Australian National Univ. (Australia)
Palomba, Stefano, The Univ. of Sydney (Australia)
Papp, Scott,  National Institute of Standards and Technology (United States)
Peruzzo, Alberto, RMIT Univ. (Australia)
Proietti Zaccaria, Remo, Remo Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italy)
Qiu, Chengwei, National Univ. of Singapore (Singapore)
Qiu, Min, Zhejiang Univ. (China)
Ren, Mengxin, Nankai Univ. (China)
Roberts, Ann, Univ. of Melbourne (Australia)
Rode, Andrei, Australian National Univ. (Australia)
Roztoki, Piotr, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Canada)
Saiki, Toshiharu, Keio Univ. (Japan)
Salama, Khaled Nabil,  King Abdullah Univ. of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia)
Schift, Helmut, Paul Scherrer Institut (Switzerland)
Shi, Kevin, Peking Univ. (China)
Shimotsuma, Yasuhiko,  Kyoto Univ. Graduate School of Engineering (Japan)
Smith, Peter, Southampton Univ. (United Kingdom)
Sorel, Marc, Univ. of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)
Srinivasan, Kartik, National Institute for Science and Technology (United States)
Strain, Michael J.,  Univ. of Strathclyde (Scotland)
Sun, Qiang, Univ. of Melbourne (Australia)
Taniguchi, Jun, Tokyo University of Science (Japan)
Tuniz, Alessandro, The Univ. of Sydney (Australia)
Vahid, Shahraam, Afshar Univ. of South Australia (Australia)
Voelker, Nico, Melbourne Ctr. for Nanofabrication (Australia)
Volker, Sorger, George Washington Univ. (United States)
Wang, Xiaolin, Wollongong Univ. (Australia)
Watanabe, Wataru, Ritsumeikan Univ. (Japan)
Won, Rachel, Nature Photonics (United States)
Xie, Linghai,  Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing Univ. of Posts & Telecommunications (China)
Xu, Qing-Hua, National Univ. of Singapore (Singapore)
Xue, Xiaoxiao, Tsinghua Univ. (China)
Yang, Junliang,  Central South Univ. (China)
Yoshida, Hiroyuki,  Chiba Univ. (Japan)
Zayats, Anatoly, Kings College (United Kingdom)
Zhang, Xuejun, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (China)
Zhang, Yupeng, Monash Univ. (Australia)
Zijlstra, Peter, Technical Univ. of Eindhoven (Netherlands)

SPIE conference papers are published in the Proceedings of SPIE and available via the SPIE Digital Library, the world’s largest collection of optics and photonics research.  

The Proceedings are indexed in Web of Science, Scopus, Ei Compendex, Inspec, Google Scholar, Astrophysical Data System (ADS), DeepDyve, ReadCube, CrossRef, and other scholarly indexes, and are widely accessible to leading research organizations, conference attendees, and individual researchers. 


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