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Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Presentation Center
Redondo Beach, California, United States
5 - 7 November 2019
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It is my pleasure to announce that Mirror Technology Days 2019 will be the week of November 5 to 7, 2019. The workshop will be held at the Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Presentation Center, One Space Park, Redondo Beach, CA. Presentations are expected to start on Tuesday, November 5 and end on Thursday, November 7. If necessary, because of quantity of content, Tech Days may start on Monday or extend into Friday. There will be tours of the Webb Telescope at Northrop.

Please Note:

  • As per our past practice, as much of the workshop as possible will be ‘open’. Northrop Grumman is able to accommodate foreign national and green card attendees.
  • But, Northrop Grumman policy does not allow cell phones or other electronic devices with communication capability inside the Conference Center. Thus, there will be no internet access during the meeting. To compensate, we will either schedule more frequent or longer breaks.
  • SPIE (http://spie.org) will handle registration.
  • The Optical Society of Southern California (http://www.ossc.org) will be our local host.

Quick Links:

View the PRELIMINARY 2019 Agenda - updated October 14

Registration Information - Early registration is by October 2

Electronics in the Meeting Room

JWST Tour Information

Hotel Information

Exhibition Information and Call for Exhibitors

Submitting Presentations - All presentations must be submitted by October 31

Read the Call for Presentations - We're accepting late presentation proposals

OPEN Presentation Release Approval

Visit Authorization for All Attendees

Attending ITAR Sessions

More information and logistics for attending the meeting will be made available in the coming weeks. 

NCTS - For NASA Civil Servants and Contractors Only
It is very important for NASA personnel (civil servants and contractors) planning to attend Tech Days to get entered into NCTS. (I know that JPL has a different system.) The number of persons who will be permitted to travel depends on the number of persons in the system in NCTS 60 days before the meeting (Thursday, Sept. 5). But, there is a push on at HQ to review NCTS earlier. So, even if you are just thinking about going, please put yourself into NCTS.

34794-19     Mirror Technology Days SBIR/STTR Workshop 2019
                    November 5 to 7, 2019, Redondo Beach,CA

Visit Authorization

PLEASE NOTE: all attendees and exhibitors – both domestic and international – must submit visit authorization information to Raytheon Security. Download Raytheon Visit Authorization form

Exhibit Only Attendee Registration

As a service to our Exhibitors, we will have a no-cost registration for persons who want to only come to the exhibit. But they will still need to submit the Raytheon Visit Authorization information. And, exhibit-only attendee registration does not include lunch.

Electronics in the Meeting Room

U.S. Persons are allowed cell phones or other electronic devices with communication capability inside the Event Center – including hot spots. But recording is prohibited. Non-USA Persons are not allowed cell phones or other electronic devices inside the Event Center. Due to limited electrical outlets, we plan a charging station in the Event Center. There is a guest WiFi, but it has limited capacity.

Raytheon Logistics

When arriving at Raytheon, use the Continental Street entrance and proceed to the ‘reserved’ parking area in Parking Lot C. The Tech Day Registration Table will be at Raytheon Lobby A. The current plan is that the Tech Day badge will also be your Raytheon visitor badge. Everyone is required to wear them around their neck on the provided lanyard. Security guards will direct attendees to the Event Center.


We are planning a Welcome Reception in the Raytheon Conference Center Courtyard after the end of Technical Sessions on Monday Nov 5.


Northrop Grumman has kindly agreed to provide tours of the Webb Telescope Integration Facility. More details to come.

Exhibitor Fee for the full 3-day Tech Day 2018 is $700. This is exactly the same as last year. The exhibit proceeds will fund the Monday night reception. The Exhibitor Fee is for a single 6 foot table top; electricity is available. Exhibit fee does include lunch for an exhibit only staff person for all 3 days. Such a person needs to register for the no-cost 3-day exhibit only badge. Pease note that the Exhibitor Fee does not include Technical Registration. Persons wishing to both exhibit and attend presentations, must also register for the technical session. The exhibit area will be in a separate room across an atrium from the Event Space and from the Raytheon cafeteria. The exhibit area will be open to all Tech Day Attendees and to all Raytheon Employees.

Download Exhibition information and contract

For more information please contact Scott Rowe at (949) 735 9927 or scottrowe@cox.net

Submitting Presentations

Because of Raytheon Event Center security requirements, all presentations must be brought on a DVD/CD or emailed to Jamison_Dufour@raytheon.com by COB Wednesday October 31.

OPEN Presentation Public Release Approval

IMPORTANT: ALL OPEN Presentations require approval for public release. AND, it is never too early to get public release approval. Some years approval has taken 8 weeks. The #1 reason that someone needs to cancel their presentation is because they have not obtained public release approval from their contract monitor.

For any presentation that will be given in an OPEN Session, PLEASE SEND a copy of your public release approval to ron.eng@nasa.gov or h.philip.stahl@nasa.gov

IF you are NOT a NASA SBIR Contractor, I will accept an email from your COTR.

IF You ARE a NASA SBIR Contractor, ALL you need to do is invoke your NPR 2200 Chapter 4 Section 4.5.10 Data Rights. All NASA SBIR contractors own their own IP and thus have the sole authority to determine whether or not to release publically.

NPR 2200, Chapter 4

4.5.10 "SBIR Data" Definition. "SBIR Data" is defined as data first produced by an SBIR contractor which are not generally known, have not, without obligation as to its confidentiality, been made available to others by the contractor, or are not already available to the Government. Data developed under an SBIR contract, if marked with the "SBIR Rights Notice" specified in the contract, must be withheld from public release in accordance with the SBIR contract, usually for 4 years. If such data are not marked with the "SBIR Rights Notice," the Government has no obligation to withhold the data from public release. Any questions regarding what constitutes "SBIR Rights Data," or regarding its marking, use, or dissemination, should be referred to the NASA Headquarters or Center Patent or Intellectual Property Counsel. To provide a commercialization incentive to SBIR contractors, it is NASA policy to restrict all SBIR program reports from public disclosure for the period specified in the contract for "SBIR Data" unless the contractor has granted permission to publicly release the report sooner. If a letter of permission from the contractor is on file, SBIR program reports may be made publicly available immediately. Notice of Availability Limitation. Restricted SBIR program documents must bear the "SBIR Rights Notice" shown in Exhibit 4-4 and one of the document distribution limitations listed in section 4.5.15, along with the appropriate expiration date. Copying and disseminating of such documents must be done in conformance with this notice. Any questions regarding appropriate markings or legends and applicable document distribution limitations should be referred to NASA Headquarters or the Center's Patent or Intellectual Property Counsel.

Important Dates

Early Registration
2 October 2019

Hotel Reservations
2 October 2019

Visit Authorizations Due
3 October - International
24 October - US Persons