16 - 20 February 2025
San Diego, California, US

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View of Coronado bridge near SPIE Medical Imaging event

Welcome to beautiful San Diego

Access information for one of the West Coast's favorite oceanside cities, San Diego. With 70 miles of beautiful beaches, near-perfect weather year round, and a variety of magnificent settings countywide. San Diego offers a fun and inexpensive getaway for kids and adults, any time of year. You will find tips for traveling to and around the city, as well as information about the conference hotel, the Town and Country Resort. See the beautifully refurbished hotel and grounds through photos. View the gallery.

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Town and Country Resort

500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108
The perfect setting for business or pleasure, the conference hotel has been a landmark destination in Mission Valley, San Diego and offers a premier location near many popular attractions and activities. The resort is a modern expression of the 1960s Southern California vibe— relaxed, playful—where everyone feels welcome.

Family care while attending the meeting

SPIE believes that individuals with significant caregiving responsibilities should have an equal opportunity to share their research and participate in conferences and symposia.

SPIE Family Care Grants are designed to supplement caregiving costs incurred by SPIE Members who are registered to attend an SPIE meeting, either in person or virtually. See hotel details in the reservation system to find hotels that offer onsite childcare. 

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Travel to San Diego

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Sustainability practices applied

The Town and Country Resort is striving to make a difference when it comes to sustainability, and SPIE is proud to partner with them in this effort. Here are some of the initiatives they have enacted.
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Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, San Diego