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    Submit a Course Proposal to SPIE

    SPIE is seeking proposals for technical courses to be included in this program. As conference chairs and leaders in this community, you are in an excellent position to suggest courses that support the meeting's conference topics and to recommend quality instructors who can teach an SPIE Short Course. View upcoming courses at SPIE conferences.

    When submitting a course proposal, include the following:

    1. Suggested course title and a list of topics to be covered
    2. Suggested instructor with contact information
    3. Suggested course length (usually half-day or full-day)

    For more detailed examples, see SPIE Instructor Guidelines. All suggestions and proposals will be reviewed to determine which will be most appropriate for the technical community attending this meeting. SPIE aims to build successful course programs that augment the session topics of the conference program. Make sure to build a proposal that appeals to this meeting's technical interest areas. 

    All course proposals should be received by the meeting's course proposal deadline. For more information, or to submit a proposal, contact