Onsite Responsibilities

When attending in-person, conference chair responsibilities include:

  • Pick up their registration materials at the Chair Services desk
  • Check for any late program updates on the SPIE.org program, mobile app, or the room sign located in front of the conference room
  • Provide backup for session chairs and deal with any speaker cancelation or no-shows
  • Ensure that the session information is sent to SPIE staff after each session ends (session chairs send the information electronically via the SPIE Conferences mobile app, and conference chairs can mark and comment for session chairs through the SPIE mobile app if for some reason the session chair is unable to attend); If neither the session chair or the conference chair have access to the SPIE mobile app, hardcopy Session Report forms are available at the Chair Services desk, Speaker Check-In, or from the room monitor located in the all outside the conference rooms. In order for SPIE to enforce its publication policy, it is very important that SPIE staff is updated about what happens in each session.
  • Attend the planning meeting for next year's symposium.
  • Represent SPIE in a professional and ethical manner; be familiar with SPIE code of conduct and anti-harassment policy
  • Report unethical or inappropriate behavior: http://www.spie.ethicspoint.com

In addition to chairing a conference, if you are also acting as session chair in another conference, make sure to view the guidelines on Chairing a Session.