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    Manuscript Review for Conference Proceedings

    Chairs also act as Proceedings Editors and work with their designated SPIE Staff Proceedings Coordinator to collect all delinquent manuscripts and resolve any publications issues.

    • An SPIE Staff Proceedings Coordinator will be assigned to your conference once volume numbers are assigned before the Advance program goes to print
    • Conference chairs are expected to make certain that each manuscript is reviewed by one or more committee members, a session chair, or by her/himself.
    • Manuscripts are accessible to assigned reviewers through

    Print the User Guide for SPIE Submission Review System for instructions on how to access and review submissions.


    Guidelines for Assessing Proceedings Papers

    Proceedings of SPIE provide rapid reporting on ideas, techniques, and results of current research. Papers may be status reports of work in progress or descriptions of completed research.

    The goal of proceedings manuscript review, like that of abstract review, is to assess whether the manuscript:

    • is technically sound
    • contains new, original research content or scientific concepts
    • is non-commercial in nature
    • includes sufficient technical data and description to explain results and support conclusions.

    In addition, manuscripts approved for publication must:

    • include adequate and appropriate references
    • be written clearly, with all text and figures readily understandable (allowance is made for authors for whom English is a second language, provided the paper is comprehensible).

    Keep in mind:

    • Many manuscripts are acceptable for publication as submitted.
    • Reviewers do not need to address formatting errors, as SPIE will assess these aspects.
    • Privileged information or ideas obtained through access to conference abstracts and manuscripts prior to presentation or publication for the purpose of conference organization or peer review must be kept confidential and must not be used for competitive gain.

    Onsite Volume Manuscripts Due from Authors

    • Manuscripts are due 10 weeks before the meeting, for those Proceedings Volumes that will be made available at the meeting.
    • The manuscript reviews must be completed by 8 weeks before the meeting.

    Post-Meeting Volume Manuscripts Due from Authors

    • Manuscripts are due 4 weeks before the meeting for Proceedings volumes that will be shipped 4-6 weeks after the meeting.
    • The manuscript review period is 4 weeks prior to the meeting until 2 weeks after the meeting.