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    Abstract Solicitation and Submission

    Know your Conference Timeline for the Abstract Deadline.

    • Enlist your Program Committee's help in obtaining high-quality conference presenters/authors
    • Although the Call for Papers has a wide reach, personal contact does the most to produce a full and varied conference program
    • Due to anti-spam laws, GDPR, and the opt-in requirement for people to receive promotional emails from SPIE, we are bound to a promotional email schedule that limits the number of emails SPIE can send to promote an event and solicit submissions. It is important for conference chairs and their program committee to help SPIE advertise and promote their conference attract submissions and participation
    • Conferences are most successful when the organizing committee recruits speakers from beyond their own institutions to include a broad range of organizations from academia, government, and industry
    • Direct all presenters (including invited presenters) to submit their abstracts via the conference website by the abstract due date
    • Do not offer fee waivers or other author support without having a third-party conference sponsorship to cover the costs. 

    As you contact your colleagues to submit abstracts, be sure to communicate the following:

    • When submitting an abstract, all authors must agree to the following conditions:
      • An author or coauthor (including keynote, invited, and solicited presenters) will register at the author/speaker registration rate, attend the meeting, and make the presentation as scheduled (current SPIE Members receive an additional discount on the registration fee)
      • Authors and coauthors attending the meeting must secure funding for their registration fees, travel, and accommodations, independent of SPIE, through their sponsoring organizations
      • All clearances, including government and company clearance, must be obtained prior to presentation and publication. DoD contractors should allow at least 60 days for clearance
    • SPIE is authorized to circulate the abstracts to conference committee members for review and selection purposes
    • Accepted abstracts may be published in printed and/or online programs promoting the conference
    • Only abstracts that are suitable for publication should be submitted
    • A manuscript (4-page minimum) for all accepted oral and poster presentations will be submitted for publication in the Proceedings of SPIE in the SPIE Digital Library.
    • Other content types, i.e. oral presentation video and Poster PDF with optional preview video, may also be required.

    SPIE continues to enforce the "no present, no publish" policy. Presenters/Authors should be aware that their presentations must be given as scheduled at the meeting, or the manuscripts will not be included in the conference proceedings in the SPIE Digital Library. 

    SPIE Review System Guidelines