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Moscone West
San Francisco, California, United States
2 - 4 February 2020
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Invited Talks From AR, VR, and MR Industry Experts

2019 Invited Industry Talks

Thanks for joining the 2019 AR VR MR Conference,

Another year of must-see presentations and insight from the biggest names in the tech industry and up-and-coming XR companies.

Scroll down for the 2019 speakers and presentations.

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2019 Sunday Presentations

11:00 AM Ted Selker
Selker Design Research
AR/VR: Where From and Where To
11:20 AM Jerry Carollo
Square Pegs Round Holes
11:40 AM Tish Shute
Spatial Computing in the Age of Light
12:00 AM Soon-gi Park
PinMR: Novel Optical Solution for AR Glasses
12:20 PM Thad Starner
Google / Georgia Tech
A User Centered Approach to On-the-go HWD Design
12:40 PM Michael Morehead
VR for Scientific Microscopy
1:00 PM Ronald Azuma
Progress in AR/VR Photonics Challenges
1:20 PM Pierre-Yves Laffont
Lemnis Technologies
Verifocal: Improving Visual Comfort and Clarity with Dynamic Focus in VR/MR
1:40 PM Doug Lanman
Facebook Reality Labs
DeepFocus: Learned Image Synthesis for AR/VR Displays
2:00 PM Jannick Rolland
Univ. Of Rochester
Bridging Industry and Academia Towards AR/VR Emergence
2:20 PM Hong Hua
Univ. of Arizona
Challenges for Next-generation AR/VR Displays
2:40 PM Norbert Kerwien
Carl Zeiss
Optical Challenges and Trade-offs of Unobtrusive Smart Glasses (not publishing)
3:00 PM Marty Banks
Image Quality in the Periphery of the Human Eye: Its Effect on Accommodation and Perception
3:20 PM Stefan Alexander
Form Factor First Smartglasses: The Optical Design of Focals by North
3:40 PM Eugene Panich
Digital Lens Correction to Achieve High Picture Quality in AR/VR HMDs
4:00 PM Stan Larroque
Challenges and Opportunities for Video See-through AR Headsets
4:20 PM Ed Tang
Light Field AR Headset
4:40 PM Rob Stevens
Variable Focus Eyewear
5:00 PM Mike Lohse & John Haddick
Prototypes vs Products, Lessons Learned in the Real World and What’s Needed for AR to Takeoff (not publishing)
5:20 PM Chris Parkinson
Headsets Built for Industry

2019 Monday Presentations

9:00 AM Federico Capasso
Flat Optics with Metasurfaces for AR/VR
9:20 AM Mark Bolas
Bend Light, Bend Reality
9:40 AM Behnam Bastani
Oculus Facebook
Architecting Immersive VR and MR Display Systems
10:00 AM Jim Melzer
Thales Visionix
Head Mounted Displays for High Stress Occupations
10:20 AM Mary Lou Jepsen
Blood and Lasers
10:40 AM Julien Blin
AR/VR: A New Paradigm Shift
11:00 AM Michael Klug
Magic Leap
Spatial Computing Light Fields (not publishing)
11:20 AM David Fattal
The Beauty of Lightfields
11:40 AM Brett McCorkle
Erie Insurance
Use of AR and Smart Glasses at Erie Insurance
Noon Steve Sullivan
Mixed Reality Capture Studio



Optical Building Blocks for AR/VR/MR

12:20 PM David Sapienza
HTC Vive
Did not present
12:40 PM Seth Coe-Sullivan
Holography for AR and Smart Glasses
1:00 PM Pablo Benitez
Exploring the Limits of VR Optics
1:20 PM Jonathan Waldern
Spatial Mapping of Refractive Index Modulation for Improved AR Holographic Waveguide Manufacture
1:40 PM Robert Schultz
Waveguide Design and Manufacturing Considerations
2:00 PM Ruediger Sprengard
High Refractive Index Glass Wafers: Ultraprecision for AR/MR Waveguide Technology for Mass Production
2:20 PM Kelly Peng
Kura AR
AR Display Optics: Collaboration Across Semiconductor, Optics, Software and Manufacturers
2:40 PM David Holz
Leap Motion
AR Tracking and Reference Designs
3:00 PM Ilmars Osmanis
LightSpace Technologies
Multi-plane S3D Near-eye Display Technology
3:20 PM Darran Milne
A Real-time Engine for High Quality, Phase-only 3D Holographic Displays
3:40 PM Mike Browne
SA Photonics
Mistakes Were Made: Lessons Learned from 30+ Years of AR/VR
4:00 PM Marcus Duelk
RGB Superluminescent LEDs for AR Micro-Displays
4:20 PM Fariba Danesh
RGB Direct-emitting Display Panels
4:40 PM Ari Grobman
Reflective Waveguide Displays for Mass Market AR

2019 Panel Session

Listen to the biggest names in VR, AR, and MR. Panelists include pioneers in VR, smart glasses, cryptography and more. Listen now (1 hour video)


Bernard Kress, Partner Optical Architect at Microsoft HoloLens
Bernard Kress
Microsoft HoloLens

Panelists: The Pioneers

Jaron Lanier Jaron Lanier
A pioneer in the field of virtual reality, as well as a computer philosophy writer, computer scientist, visual artist, and composer of classical music.
Mark Bolas Mark Bolas
A VR pioneer that helped jumpstart the technology. Now at Microsoft working on the "vision strategy" for Microsoft's Mixed Reality platform
Mary Lou Jepsen Mary Lou Jepsen
A veteran technologist whose new startup is about wearable diagnostics made from consumer electronic parts that cost as much as a smartphone.
Ronald Azuma Ronald Azuma
A pioneer and innovator in augmented reality, visualization, and mobile applications at HRL Labs, Nokia Research Center, and Intel Labs.
Thad Starner Thad Starner
Early smart glasses pioneer. Founder and director of the Contextual Computing Group at Georgia Tech's College of Computing.
Jim Melzer, Thales Visionix Jim Melzer
One of the pioneers for defense and military head mounted displays. He is currently the Technical Director at Thales Visionix.