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SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning presents the most important exhibition in the semiconductor industry. This is the event where people come from across the globe to find new products and make important business connections.

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27 - 28 February 2024

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Advanced Lithography + Patterning: the most important show in the industry

Become a sponsor or exhibitor at the industry's most important event for lithography and patterning R&D, applications, sources, devices, tools, fabrication, and services. SPIE offers marketing opportunities to help you showcase your organization to leaders in the semiconductor industry.

NEW in 2024: Pre-built turnkey display options

Now offering kiosks and mini booth displays that are ready the moment you arrive. Kiosks and mini booths may purchased on their own or they can be added to previously purchased 10 x 10 or larger booth spaces to extend your company's presence at any of the exhibits. 

Save on costs, all inclusive*

  • Set up, dismantle, and drayage are all included in cost

*Additional fees related to facility shipping and drayage for products and marketing materials may still apply.

Make this easy on your exhibit team—potentially reduced travel time and expenses

  • Arrive: your display will be fully installed
  • Departure: walk away without dismantling your display

Gain a fresh look

  • Professional design
  • Showcase your brand

See conceptual photos below. Download a PDF sheet with more information about reserving and ordering turnkey kiosks and mini booths at an SPIE event.           

Download the PDF contract to purchase a kiosk or mini booth:

Exhibit PDF contract

exhibitor kiosk

Kiosk, 8' h × 3' w

• backwall with fabric graphics on front
• lockable cabinet, stool, carpeting, wastebasket
• electricity (5 amp)
• installation and dismantle

exhibitor mini booths

Mini Booth, 8' h × 6.5' w × 5' d

• backwall with fabric graphics on front
• lockable cabinet, stool, carpeting, wastebasket
• electricity (5 amp)
• installation and dismantle

Attendee demographics

Nearly half of total attendance is made up of R&D and product development job functions.*

Attendee job function  
R&D 31%
Sr. Executive / Business Development / Exec 15%
Engineering & Design 14%
Sales / Marketing 14%
Lab Tech / Lab Management 6%
Project Management 6%
Production or Manufacturing 2%
Other 12%

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Contact us if you want to talk through the different options. We are more than happy to offer insights and tips. If you're ready to reserve your space immediately, the 2024 contract is available.

Why should you exhibit at Advanced Lithography + Patterning?

Exhibitor at SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning

Display your industry leadership

The semiconductor industry is dynamic and experiencing rapid evolution. Stay informed and engaged to continue to lead innovation.

Attendees viewing new products at SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning Exhibition

Showcase products and processes

This is the event where emerging technology is discovered and collaborations begin.

Exhibitors and attendees at SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning

Make important connections

Networks broaden and important relationships are made so that projects can move forward with speed and agility.

Sponsorships make an impact

Gain greater visibility for your company

Consider a sponsorship of Advanced Lithography + Patterning. With several options available, sponsorship placements can align with your promotional goals to get in front of leaders in the semiconductor industry.

Contact SPIE Sales for exhibition and sponsorship opportunities

Kim Abair

Kim Abair
(North America)

Email: kima@spie.org
Tel: +1 360 685 5499

Lacey Barnett

Lacey Barnett
(North America)

Email: laceyb@spie.org
Tel: +1 360 685 5551

Melissa Valum

Melissa Valum
(North America)

Email: melissav@spie.org
Tel: +1 360 685 5596

Laurence Devereux

Laurence Devereux

Email: laurence@spieeurope.org
Tel: +44 29 2278 9031