Ray-Hua Horng

Ray-Hua Horng - 2015 SPIE Women in Optics Planner

Dean, Industry Liaison, School of Innovation, National Chung Hsing University/Graduate Institute of Precision Engineering, Taiwan
Country of Birth: Taiwan

Educational Background: PhD, Electrical Engineering

Ray-Hua HorngI was inspired to work in science and engineering because I personally found the subjects interesting and fulfilling. I am the Dean of School of Innovation and Industry Liaison in National Chung Hsing University (NCHU). My main responsibilities include the need to establish a learning society in accordance with government policies, regulations, and business trends. The school cooperates with various sponsoring institutions such as the City Government and Veteran Affairs Committee to offer diverse classes, supported mostly by NCHU faculty members. In particular, the school was honored and ranked top affiliate by central occupation development and training bureau. NCHU has established a unique image and brand in continuing education in central Taiwan. Moreover, the school further established a new division on Marketing and Planning as an initiative to enhance existing capacity and capability, pursuing a better quality of continuing education. Building on these continuous improvement initiatives, the school continues to play a key role in matching external needs and offering competitive learning programs, especially in light of the social cultural trend these years.

I am also the Distinguished Professor of Graduate Institute of Precision Engineering in NCHU. It is necessary to continue to teach and conduct lectures, do research, and guide Master and PhD students.

I have had the opportunity to be a professor at some high-reputation universities, but with no resources for research at the time. Finally, I decided to return to the original faculty of my old University; the quality of your research depends on your own effort, and not on the reputation of the university.

I wish someone had advised me on how to be an expert researcher, and a good mother and wife. As a professional woman, you are responsible for both your career and your family. Nevertheless, the most important thing is your health -- only if you are healthy, you can do what you want.