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2017 Optics and Photonics Global Salary Report

In December of 2016 and January of 2017, SPIE sent email survey invitations to a large subset of its global customer database and through social media. Response was voluntary and open.

An iPad raffle and early access to this report were offered as incentives to encourage participation. Surveys were completed online using SurveyGizmo’s enterprise survey tool.

Results were filtered for duplicates and invalid data to yield 9993 valid responses. Microsoft Excel and SPSS were utilized to create summary statistics and related analyses.

Table of Contents


  Country Overview

  Job Satisfaction and Workplace

  Wage Growth



  Employer Type



  Other Factors


  Methodology and Endnotes

See reports from previous years.

2017 Optics and Photonics Global Salary Report (PDF)

         Download the PDF