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Invited Talks 3a: Prescription Smart Glasses
25 January 2022 • 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST | Moscone Center, Level 2 West, AR | VR | MR Stage 

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In 2021, the eyewear market is a $115 billion industry. This industry includes prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses, but also specialized eyewear for sports, workplace safety, and gaming. Roughly 126 million Americans wear eyeglasses, and they pay an average of $576 a year for the privilege. Given the trend towards smart devices elsewhere, it should come as no surprise that prescription smart glasses are next. The market is in its early stages now, but it is growing at a rapid pace.

8:00 AM

Bernard Kress
Bernard Kress
Director of XR
Google (United States)

8:20 AM

Grace Hwang
Grace Hwang
GM, Design & UX Research of Mixed Reality
Microsoft (United States)

Mesh: A More Equitbale World
Grace Hwang leads a cross-disciplinary team at Microsoft that explores what the future of 5-year-old HoloLens mixed-reality project looks like—a glowing, secondary world of holographic objects and people that can appear in an ordinary home or office. This year, the company debuted its Mesh platform—a virtual conference room where people can meet not just via HoloLens but also through an Android tablet, iPhone, or Oculus VR headset. Current customers include Accenture and Ray and Mark Dalio’s non-profit, OceanX.

9:10 AM
Creating Attractive Prescription Smart Eyewear...

Guido Groet
Guido Groet
Chief Strategy Officer
Luxexcel (Netherlands)

...without looking like a character from Star Trek.
Today it is possible to 3D print lenses in volume, enabling unique benefits for traditional prescription lenses and for smart eyewear. With 3D printing lenses can be printed with spheres, aspheres, cylinders, prisms, bifocals, trifocals, progressives and anything in-between. It is possible to integrate devices inside these prescription lenses for example, waveguides, films, sensors, lcd or anything else you can think off. It is possible to create airgaps or to print directly on the device. The device can be glass or plastic. The latest innovation is that we can print not only on flat but also on curved surfaces.

9:50 AM
The Role of Simulation in Developing the Next Generation of Mixed Reality Systems

Sanjay Gangadhara
Sanjay Gangadhara
Chief Technology Officer
Zemax (United States)

The Role of Simulation in Developing the Next Generation of Mixed Reality Systems
The past several years have seen significant progress in the design of robust, scalable mixed reality systems. During that time, considerable investments have been made in the development of diffractive technologies for mixed reality. Nonetheless, catadioptric solutions are still a viable, if not preferred, alternative for many applications. Simulation is critical to determining the best technology for the desired application, and advanced technologies – such as Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis – are required to simulate both solutions (diffractive vs. catadioptric). In this talk, I will highlight the use of these advanced technologies in the design and development of next-generation mixed reality systems.

10:10 AM
Autofocal Eyewear is the Future

Jelle De Smet
Jelle De Smet
Founder & CTO
Morrow (Belgium)

Autofocal eyewear: innovative vision correction as a platform for novel smart glass functionalities
Morrow’s Autofocal eyewear tackles the intrinsic trade off multifocal/progressive eyewear users are faced with, being higher reading power and reduced field of view. In the first part of this talk, we’ll introduce the integration challenges that were overcome to make conventional prescription glasses ’smart’, and explain how our product is kept simple but meticulously geared towards the needs of our customers. In the second part, we’ll reflect on the potential roadmap towards more functionalities, and how a collaborative crossover with AR/VR parties might look like.

The session is followed by a panel 11:00 - 11:45 AM
Next Steps for Prescription Smartglasses panel and Q&A.