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    A networking platform for optics and photonics professionals worldwide

    • Find and be found - Profiles are an easily findable home for your professional accomplishments with SPIE
    • Maintenance-free SPIE records - your publications, conference involvement, and courses taught are automatically added to your profile
    • Powerful information sharing - your profile is linked from many SPIE web pages
    • Connect and communicate - use the secure email system to build a network of colleagues who share your interests

    Creating or modifying your profile is easy: 

    1. Go to your Profile tab in My Account (sign in required)
    2. Add information about your work, studies, contact details, a photo, link to a CV - anything you wish to share about your professional life
    3. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the management form - Done!

    How does it work? (See details in the FAQ)

    If you create a profile, your name throughout will be a link to your profile.  Currently, publications, conference, and course pages will have links, and SPIE is working on expanding this linking throughout the site.

    Your profile collects information from a wide variety of SPIE records.  You can manage all the information in your profile through the Account Management interface so you can choose what information to share with your colleagues on

    Your Profile can display information about your contact details, company, SPIE involvement, areas of expertise, biography, publications, conference committee involvement, and course instructor roles.  You can add additional publications, conferences, and courses through the interface.

    You can connect with others securely via the Profiles email system.

    NOTE: Profiles are a Beta software feature of Feature enhancements are planned to help you better gather information through Profiles.  We encourage you to try it out! If you do not wish to use this feature, select the "Hide Profile" button and click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the form.

    Picture - Make it easy for others to recognize you and meet you in person by adding a photo.  Pictures must be less than 2Mb in size, and will automatically resize.  Pictures that naturally scale to a 100 x 130 pixel ratio are best.

    Email - Selecting "Allow email" in Profiles means that people can contact you through the Profiles email system.  Your email address is never visible but allows them to send you a message directly to the email address you listed in your account information. Only if you respond to their email will your address be revealed. 

    SPIE Involvement - There are many ways to be involved with SPIE, and Profiles shows off your volunteer dedication to SPIE.  The list of roles displayed in the SPIE Involvement section is:  1. Board of Directors; 2. Committee Member; 3. Fellow status;  4. Senior status; 5. Symposium Chair; 6. Symposium Committee; 7. Conference Chair; 8. Conference Co-Chair; 9. Editor; 10. Conference Program Committee; 11. Instructor; 12. Student Chapter Advisor; 13. Author; 14. Student Chapter Officer. 

    Publications - All SPIE conference proceedings, journal articles, and SPIE Press books are listed as part of a Profile.  This list is accurate to the best of our ability through 1995 and links directly to the individual publication. You may add additional non-SPIE publications through the Profiles management interface. As you publish with SPIE, your new publications are automatically added to your list.

    Conference Committee Involvement - Conferences in which you serve as a volunteer organizer (chair, co-chair, track chair, session chair) are listed.  You may also add conferences in which you are serving as a volunteer.

    Course Instructor - If you teach courses through SPIE, they will be listed as part of your profile.  Courses come in many forms: conferences, distance education units (DVDs, Videos), and soon, On-line courses.