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    Cheng Zang receives Michael Pate Scholarship

    09 October 2014

    SPIE student member Cheng Zhang has been awarded the 2014 Michael Pate Optical Sciences Memorial Scholarship.

    In memory of Michael Pate, an optical engineer, the scholarship was established in 2010 for students looking to further their education in the optical sciences field.

    Zhang is a 4th year PhD student in Electrical Engineering at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (USA).

    Zhang's PhD work is using imprinted polymer microring resonators as ultrasound detectors. Zhang is researching Al-doped Ag-film-based devices including organic solar cells, plasmonic waveguides and hyperbolic metamaterials. He has previously received an Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship from SPIE.

    Zhang co-authored "3D high resolution photoacoustic imaging based on pure optical photoacoustic microscopy with microring resonator," a paper presented at the Photons Plus Ultrasound: Imaging and Sensing conference at SPIE Photonics West 2014. The open-access paper can be found in the SPIE Digital Library.

    Zhang is the president of the Optics Society, a joint OSA and SPIE student chapter at University of Michigan. He will be the cochair for the Engineering Graduate Symposium at the university on 14 November.