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Vincenzo Spagnolo will direct Thorlabs’ joint industry-university research lab, PolySense

20 June 2017

Vincenzo Spagnolo
Vincenzo Spagnolo

On 1 June, SPIE Corporate Member Thorlabs, Inc. announced the establishment of PolySense, a joint industry-university research lab in the physics department at the Polytechnic University of Bari (POLIBA) in Bari, Italy. SPIE Senior Member Vincenzo Spagnolo, an expert in optical gas sensing and associate professor at the university, will serve as director.

According to a statement released by Thorlabs, the move augments Thorlabs' current research collaborations with Spagnolo. Under the agreement, POLIBA will provide laboratory and office space, facilities and research, and coordination of the activities by Spagnolo, while Thorlabs will provide technical staff, funds to finance fixed-term research and post-doctoral positions, as well as Ph.D. fellowships and the needed instrumentation.

"We are excited to continue our partnership with Professor Spagnolo's research group through this newly formed partnership," said Verena Mackowiak, Team Leader of Research Projects at Thorlabs GmbH. "We look forward to identifying innovative ideas and sharing expertise to make highly sensitive QEPAS-based trace-gas sensors more accessible to a broader community."

Leveraging Spagnolo’s background, the PolySense Lab will focus its activity on the further development and implementation of novel gas sensing techniques and the realization of highly sensitive QEPAS trace-gas sensors. They seek to provide portable solutions for in situ & real time detection applications such as breath analysis, environmental monitoring, leaks detection, hydrocarbon gas sensing, and monitoring of hotspot areas (such as toxic gases and explosive precursors). PolySense Lab will also perform sensing on demand and provide third-party consulting.

Spagnolo, who was promoted to Senior Member in 2015, continues to be very active with the Society. He has presented at several SPIE events and subsequently published proceedings. He also has served as session chair and on program committees for events. And he has published articles in the Journal of Nanophotonics.

For more information on Spagnolo’s latest project: