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    SPIE supports the 13th International Conference on Correlation Optics

    06 October 2017

    The Thirteenth International Conference on Correlation Optics took place 11-15 September in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. The conference program included 28 invited talks, 26 regular oral presentations, and 97 poster presentations, as well as three invited lectures for SPIE/OSA Student Chapters members. The research was presented by 120 researchers from 23 countries: USA, UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Japan, Australia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Canada, India, China, Lithuania, Cameroon, Israel, Finland, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine.

    The purpose of the conference is to provide a discussion of novel approaches and advances connected with optical correlation techniques for measurements of random optical fields, and object diagnostics in diverse applications. The main topics for this year’s event included:

    • Singular optics

    • Informative content of statistical optical fields, including optical chaos, polarization optics and coherence

    • Optical correlation devices based on diffractive optical elements, including optical and digital holography, fractal optics, optical sensors

    • Optical correlation diagnostics, interferometry and microscopy of rough surfaces and random media

    • New applications of correlation optics in biology and medicine

    • Advanced materials, nanomaterials and devices for optics and optoelectronics

    • Education and Training in Optics, Photonics, Telecommunications and Computer Sciences

    SPIE Fellow and Board Member David Sampson, head of the Optical and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory and director of the Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis at the University of Western Australia, attended the event as an invited speaker. He served as session chair for the Singular Optics program and delivered his talk, ‘Speckle in optical coherence tomography: The good, the bad and the ugly’ on 12 September.

    SPIE provided financial support for invited lecturers and students: A. Bekshaev (Ukraine), S. Odoulov (Ukraine), Sushanta Kumar Pal (India), S. Poperezhai (Ukraine), and O. Kostenyukova (Ukraine).

    At closing ceremonies, SPIE Student Awards were distributed to:

    • First place: V. Besaga (Ruhr University of Bochum)

    • Second place: M. Szatkokowski (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology)

    • Second place: A. Ciesielski (University of Warsaw)

    • Third place: O. Kostenyukova (Institute of Low Temperature Physics NASU)

    • Third place: Ya. Skrypka (Institute of Physics NASU)

    • Third place: D. Ivanskii (Chernivtsi National University)

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    David Sampson at CO17
    SPIE Fellow David Sampson delivering his lecture at the
    International Conference on Correlation Optics.
    Photo credit: CO17