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    Michael Pavia, Stephen Jacobs and Jay Eastman receive Rochester photonics awards

    13 October 2014

    SPIE Member and Sydor Instruments President Michael Pavia and SPIE Fellow Stephen Jacobs, a laser scientist at University of Rochester, were honored with annual awards by the Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster (RRPC) for contributions to New York's optics and photonics industry. Jay Eastman, CEO of Optel, was also a recipient at the RRPC annual meeting in September.

    Entrepreneur Award recipient Pavia was recognized for demonstrating innovative spirit in creating Sydor Instruments, an industry leading company that offers custom diagnostic and ultrafast imaging systems for a variety of applications.

    Jacobs, who received the RRPC Education Award, is the Senior Scientist at University of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) and a professor of Optics and Chemical Engineering. Jacobs was celebrated for inspiring students to embrace optics, photonics, and imaging sciences.

    Recently, Jacobs co-authored the paper, "Detection of the laser-damage onset in optical coatings by the photothermal-deflection method," that was presented at SPIE Laser Damage 2014. He has published over 40 papers with SPIE.

    Leadership Award recipient Eastman was honored for working with fellow RRPC members to expand the optics, photonics, and imaging industry in New York. His company, Optel, designs and manufactures medical products and devices.

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