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SPIE leaders connect at OSJ's Optics and Photonics Japan


02 December 2014

Kazuo Kuroda and Philip Stahl

OSJ President Kazuo Kuroda and SPIE President Philip Stahl renewed a long-standing cooperative agreement between the two societies during a visit by Stahl to Tokyo last month (more photos from the visit are below).


SPIE President Philip Stahl met with SPIE Fellows and Members and was among featured speakers at Optics and Photonics Japan 2014 at the University of Tsukuba during a visit to Tokyo in early November.

The event, organized by the Optical Society of Japan (OSJ), an affiliate of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP), included a plenary talk by SPIE Member Kensaku Mori, a professor at Nagoya University, who is an associate editor of the SPIE Journal of Medical Imaging and a long-time author and conference committee member at SPIE Medical Imaging.

Stahl, senior optical physicist at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, gave a talk on the James Webb Space Telescope during the international session of the conference.

Stahl congratulated SPIE Fellow Toyohiko Yatagai, professor at the Center for Optical Research and Education at Utsunomiya University, who will be SPIE President in 2015. Stahl noted that Yatagai will serve as president during the International Year of Light.

Stahl also met with SPIE Fellow Kazuo Kuroda, Utsunomiya University, who will be the OSJ president on 1 January. Kuroda and Stahl renewed an agreement between the OSJ and SPIE to collaborate in technical conferences and publications, emphasizing the strong interest in mutual cooperation between the societies to serve members of the international optical science and engineering community.


Philip Stahl, Kensaku Mori, Andrew Brown

SPIE President Philip Stahl, Journal of Medical Imaging Associate Editor Kensaku Mori, and SPIE Senior Director Andrew Brown


Toyhiko Yatagai, Philip Stahl, Satoshi Kawata

SPIE President-Elect Toyhiko Yatagai (Utsunomiya University), SPIE President Philip Stahl (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center), and SPIE Fellow Satoshi Kawata (Osaka University)


Philip Stahl OSJ annual meeting

The OSJ conference reception included remarks from Stahl and others on the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015.