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    SPIE leaders are featured speakers at OPTIC in Taiwan

    09 December 2013

    James Wyant, C.C. Lee, OPTIC

    Plenary speaker James Wyant, far left, fields a question from the audience while conference chair Cheng-Chung (C.-C.) Lee looks on, at Optics and Photonics Taiwan, the International Conference (OPTIC). See more photos from the event below.


    The SPIE Student Chapter at National Taiwan University was the first of two audiences in Taiwan to hear talks in early December by SPIE CEO Eugene Arthurs on the state of the photonics.

    The NTU visit was hosted by SPIE Board Member Din Ping Tsai, head of the university's Photonics, Nano-Science and Technology Lab at and director of the new Research Center for Applied Science of the Academia Sinica.

    Arthurs was also among plenary speakers at Optics and Photonics Taiwan, the International Conference (OPTIC) 2013, chaired by SPIE Fellow Cheng-Chung (C.-C.) Lee of National Central University (NCU). The conference ran 5-7 December.

    SPIE Past President James Wyant of the University of Arizona, SPIE Vice President Toyohiko Yatagai of Utsunomiya University, and SPIE Fellows Angus Macleod of the Thin Film Center and Xiang Zhang of University of California, Berkeley, also gave plenary talks.

    OPTIC 2013 was the site of the Taiwan Photonics Society (TPS) annual meeting where it was announced that Tsai was elected TPS president. The TPS also awarded its Photonics Engineering Award to SPIE Fellow Ken-Yuh Hsu of National Chiao Tung University.

    SPIE Best Student Paper Awards for were presented in two categories:

    Oral presentations

    • Kuang-Yu Yang, National Taiwan University, "High-efficiency anomalous light reflection by plasmonic meta-surfaces"
    • Szu-Chi Yang, National Taiwan University, "Strong suppression of angle and period dependency of surface-plasmon-polaritons in a gold nanodisk array by combining a nanorod substrate"
    • Wei-Chun Liao, National Chiao Tung University, "Room temperature lasing characteristics in metal-coated gan grating structure"
    • Ryosuke Oketani, Osaka University, "Spatial resolution boosting for confocal microscopy by using saturation of plasmonic light scattering"
    • Hsin-Wei Chien, National Yang-Ming University, "Optical stretch-induced calcium influx vs. dynamic deformability of human erythrocytes"
    • Bo-Yi Chen, National Taiwan University, "Ultrahigh-sensitivity CdS photoconductors with instant response and ultralow power consumption for detection in low-light environments"
    • Chi-Yuan Li, Feng Chia University, "Thin oxide film coated on D-type fiber for high-sensitivity liquid refractive index sensors"
    • Hung-Ju Lin, National Central University, Aix-Marseille University, "The study of PMMA embedded with semiconductor quantum dots in a periodically structural thin film."

    Poster presentations

    • Pin-Chieh Wu, National Taiwan University, "Plasmon coupling of three-dimensional magnetic metamolecules"
    • Hao-Yu Liou, National Chung Cheng University, "Optical manipulation of guided mode resonance in azocopolymer planar waveguide with surface relief grating"
    • Ming-Lun Tseng, National Taiwan University, "Plasmonic hotspots on laser-treated AgOx thin film for sensing and energy"
    • Yu-Wen Chen, National Cheng Kung University, "Determination of absorption and reduced scattering coefficients of early oral cancer and normal oral tissue of hamsters using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy"
    • Szu-Yu Lee, National Taiwan University, "Realization of two-photon photoacoustic microscopy by a loss modulation technique"
    • Ching-Wei Cheng, National Central University, "Organic polaritons in all-metal mirror microcavities"
    • Chen-Chih Lin, National Central University, "The optical and morphological properties of ultra-thin, highly absorbing organic films"
    • Chia-Min Chang, National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica, "Three-dimensional light manipulation for plasmonic micro projector."


    C.-C. Lee, Ken-Yuh Hsu

    C.-C. Lee, at left, presents the Photonics Engineering Award to Ken-Yuh Hsu.


    C.-C. Lee, Kwon Hwangbo

    C.-C. Lee of the Taiwan Photonics Society (far left) with Optical Society of Korea President Chang Kwon Hwangbo (far right) at the signing of a memo of understanding between the two societies.


    Participants at OPTIC 2013

    More than 1,500 participants attended OPTIC 2013.