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    Mikhail Noginov named Outstanding Scientist of Virginia

    06 July 2015

    photo of Mikhail NoginovSPIE Fellow Mikhail Noginov of Norfolk State University has been named one of three of Virginia's Outstanding Scientists for 2015.

    Noginov, a professor and researcher in the Department of Physics and the Center for Materials Research at Norfolk State, was honored for his cutting-edge research in metamaterials, nanoplasmonics, random lasers, solid-state laser materials, and nonlinear optics. His breakthrough contributions to the research of plasmonics include the demonstration of the compensation of the surface plasmons loss by optical gain, stimulated emission of surface plasmons polaritons, and demonstration of the smallest plasmonic-based nanolaser.

    He is a leader in exploring metamaterials with hyperbolic dispersion and has been a co-chair of the metamaterials conference at SPIE Optics+Photonics since 2006. He is an author or coauthor of five papers to be presented at this year's Optics+Photonics, including an invited paper on taming surface plasmons with adjacent molecules.

    "It is an honor to recognize Virginia's leading scientific minds," said Gov. Terry McAuliffe. "The 2015 Virginia Outstanding Scientist recipients are at the forefront of their fields and are recognized for their contributions to future technologies."

    Noginov is also an editor of the SPIE Press monograph, Tutorials in Complex Photonics Media. He has authored three books, six book chapters, and nearly 400 publications and presentations, including 135 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

    He is the current director of the Partnership for Research and Education Materials, a program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. His MS is in electronics and automatics from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology, and his PhD in physical-mathematical sciences was awarded from the General Physics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

    Noginov and the other honorees, Timothy E. Long of Virginia Tech and Purusottam Jena of Virginia Commonwealth University, received their awards at the Science Museum of Virginia April 2.

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