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    Successful MIPPR draws imaging scientists to Wuhan

    08 November 2013

    Some 300 optical scientists and experts on computer vision, image processing, computational imaging, geographic information systems, and similar optical technologies convened in Wuhan, China, in October for the eighth symposium on Multispectral Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (MIPPR).

    Co-sponsored by SPIE, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Multispectral Information Processing, the meeting was an important forum for the latest research by imaging scientists on multiple-wavelength, multi-sensor, multi-modal, and multimedia image processing for facial recognition and other biometrics, autonomous navigation, medical-image processing, remote sensing, automatic target recognition, and other applications.

    photo of Katarina Svanberg at MIPPR

    Katarina Svanberg (above), an SPIE Fellow and Past President who is chief consultant in oncology at Lund University Hospital (Sweden) and distinguished professor at the Center for Optical and Electromagnetic Research at South China Normal University, gave the opening address. She also chaired several conference sessions and gave a keynote talk on laser spectroscopy and the challenging unmet needs in medicine.

    Imaging topics covered in five conferences 26-27 October at the symposium included:

    • Multispectral image acquisition, processing, and analysis
    • Automatic target recognition and navigation
    • Pattern recognition and computer vision
    • Parallel processing of images
    • 3D modeling and representation
    • Optimization and medical imaging processing
    • Image-guided surgery
    • Remote sensing image processing
    • Geographic information systems

    Symposium chairs were M.V. Srinivasan of University of Queensland (Australia) and Deren Li of Wuhan University. SPIE Fellow Jinxue Wang was MIPPR symposium co-chair. Bo Zhang of Tsinghua University was honorary chair.

    Conference proceedings for Multispectral Image Processing and Pattern Recognition are published online in the SPIE Digital Library.