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    SPIE leaders at Spanish International Year of Light event


    05 November 2015

    SPIE President-elect Robert Lieberman, along with eight other SPIE Fellows, participated in Light Sciences and Technologies for a New World, an event at Universidad Internacional Mendez Pelayo in Spain cosponsored by SPIE to celebrate the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL).

    Over the course of a week in June, 20 renowned scientists in the field of optics and photonics participated in roundtable discussions and lectures on trends, challenges, and the impacts of light science and photonics.

    Other participants included SPIE 2009 President Maria Yzuel, SPIE Fellow and former SPIE board member Bruce Tromberg, and SPIE Fellows Jüergen Popp, Miles Padgett, Juan Carlos Minano, X-C Zhang, Jose Miguel Lopez Higuera and Maria Calvo. Lopez Higuera was director for the event.

    Lieberman, president of Lumoptix and a leading authority on photonic sensors, gave a talk on light-based technologies for a more healthy environment and participated in a discussion on the impact on society of light sciences and technologies. In the environment for instance, Lieberman explained how photonic sensor technology can help reduce negative environmental impacts that sometimes come with extraction of oil and gas, guard against catastrophic pipeline leaks, and monitor air quality.

    The event included an onsite display of "Light Beyond the Bulb" panels, a collection of stunning images of light-based science created for the IYL and cosponsored by SPIE. SPIE is one of 10 founding partners of the IYL.

    More information and an agenda for the event: