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    SPIE Fellow Maria Calvo elected vice president of Spanish Physical Society

    29 July 2013

    SPIE Fellow Maria Calvo Padilla of Spain has been elected vice president of the Royal Spanish Physical Society, Real Sociedad Española de Fisica (RSEF).

    Photo of Maria CalvoCalvo is past president of the International Commission for Optics (ICO) and a professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she began as an assistant professor in 1977. Her research interests include light scattering, optical waveguide theory, applications to periodic and aperiodic media (volume holographic gratings), and optical signal theory.

    Calvo is expected to begin her four-year term as vice president of Spanish Physical Society in September, after the election was finalized on 19 July. Prof. Adolfo Azcarraga from the University of Valencia was elected president.

    She also previously served as Secretary General of the ICO, and has also been involved in the international effort to have the United Nations declare an International Year of Light.

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