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    SPIE Member Theodore Moustakas named Boston University Innovator of the Year

    02 August 2013

    Boston University College of Engineering Professor Theodore (Ted) Moustakas, considered the co-inventor of the blue LED, has won the university's 2013 Innovator of the Year award which recognizes a BU faculty member whose research and ideas have led to the formation of companies that benefit society at large.

    Moustakas' lab at the BU Photonics Center is focused on innovative semiconductors for photonics and other applications. With this technology, Moustakas, an SPIE member, founded RayVio Corp., a company that makes low-cost, energy-efficient ultraviolet (UV) LEDs for water purification and disinfection, and his inventions have been widely deployed by leading LED manufacturers.

    Calling Moustakas "an entrepreneurial scientist, whose inventions have been licensed to a number of companies," Boston University Provost Jean Morrison said Moustakas' accomplishments in the past year include "nine peer-reviewed papers published, five patent filings, and $4 million invested in BU spinoff RayVio."

    Moustakas' contributions cover a broad spectrum of topics in optoelectronic materials and photonics devices.

    The Boston University Innovator of the Year award highlights translational research at BU by recognizing an entrepreneurial faculty member and the potential for commercialization and/or wider adoption of their inventions. It also encourages faculty to become entrepreneurial while promoting role models who can inspire graduate students to pursue entrepreneurial careers.

    Moustakas was also elected to the National Academy of Inventors earlier this year.

    See the BU press release.