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    Arthur Gmitro selected as University of Arizona College of Medicine's Founders Day speaker

    21 November 2016

    Arthur Gmitro
    Arthur Gmitro

    SPIE Member Arthur Gmitro was selected out of six accomplished scientists as the 2016 honorary lecturer for University of Arizona College of Medicine’s Founders Day. Established in 1979, Founders Day is an occasion dedicated to recognizing individuals whose scientific contributions have allowed the College of Medicine to grow, thrive, and fulfill its vision.

    Not only was Gmitro selected as the keynote speaker for the event, he was also honored with the 2016 Founders Day Faculty Science Award.

    Gmitro is a professor of Medical Imaging and Optical Sciences, professor and head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and the Fenton Maynard Chair in Cancer Imaging at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. His most prominent areas of research include magnetic resonance imaging, optical computing, and optics in medicine. Gmitro has spent over 30 years in medical imaging research, including technology development in CT, MRI and optical imaging.

    Dr. Gmitro has contributed numerous publications to the SPIE Digital Library, and has published more than 60 papers on topics ranging from fiber optic imaging to optical fluorescence spectroscopy.

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