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    Two SPIE Members elected Fellows of AAAS

    04 January 2016

    SPIE Fellow Martin Richardson of University of Central Florida and SPIE Member Anna Wang Roe of Vanderbilt University and Zhejiang University have been elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

    Richardson and Roe are among 346 AAAS members who will be formally recognized for their extraordinary contributions to the advancement of science and its applications during the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., 13 February.

    photo of Martin RichardsonRichardson, a professor in the College of Optics and Photonics at UCF who founded the Townes Laser Institute there and was a co-founder of the UCF Laser Plasma Laboratory, was recognized in the science and technology category for his work in developing high-power pulsed lasers.

    The AAAS noted that these lasers have helped with our understanding of the science of high-power laser light interaction with matter, particularly laser-induced plasmas.

    Richardson was the 2013 recipient of the SPIE Harold E. Edgerton Award in recognition of his significant contributions to the field of high-speed diagnostics of transient dense-plasmas.

    photo of Anna RoeRoe, a Vanderbilt professor of psychology, radiology and biomedical engineering and an associate editor of the SPIE journal, Neurophotonics, is being honored for her contributions to the AAAS neuroscience section. She has been active in neuroscience conferences at SPIE Photonics West where she is a co-chair of the Neural Imaging and Sensing conference and a member of the program committee for the conference on Optogenetics and Optical Manipulation.

    Roe is also a Fellow of Vanderbilt's Institute of Imaging Sciences and was a co-author of an editorial on the US BRAIN Initiative in a recent special section of Neurophotonics.

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