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    SPIE Participates in "Reaching for the Light" Art Show  

    By Stacey Crockett

    Bellingham, Washington-26 April 2007-SPIE is proud to participate in the 2007 "Reaching for the Light" Breast Cancer Art Show, running now through May 11th at the Blue Horse Gallery in downtown Bellingham.

    Headquartered in Bellingham, SPIE is a not for profit society advancing the science and application of light. "Light" includes all forms of electromagnetic radiation, from radio waves to X and gamma rays. The over 17,000 Members of SPIE work in a wide variety of science and engineering fields where imaging and light are important. Some design and use the equipment to look for planets in remote galaxies; others are making advances at understanding the new world of nanotechnology. A very large number of SPIE members work on medical imaging and research. Much of this work is on improving the detection of cancer, its prevention and its treatment.
    SPIE scientists and engineers are improving imaging technology to locate and identify the tiniest tumors in any kind of breast tissue. Others are finding and improving new ways to use light, to treat the tumors without radical surgery or to find the optimal mix of treatments for individual patients.

    SPIE is exhibiting a piece at the show designed by staff member Jill Matthews titled "Motion of Change." Ms. Matthews partnered with Dr. Bruce Tromberg, SPIE 2006 Board member and Director of the Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Irvine, in creating the visually dramatic piece. SPIE suggests that all attend this important Bellingham arts event to become aware of this insidious disease. Even more SPIE urges women and men to ask their physician about appropriate tests for cancer and measures to reduce risk.

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