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    SPIE Produces DVD, Optics: Light at Work

    Intended for distribution to an international audience of boys and girls ages 12 to 13

    By Stacey Crockett

    Bellingham, Washington, February 13, 2007-SPIE has just released a new DVD designed to generate awareness of, and interest in, the field of optics and the career opportunities it offers. By producing this DVD, "SPIE hopes to increase the number and diversity of students who take advanced science and mathematics courses, and encourage these young people to pursue science and engineering as a career," says Krisinda Plenkovich, SPIE Director of Education and Membership. "We hope to sustain and strengthen the world's future by increasing the pool from which the best new scientists and engineers will emerge," she added.

    Intended as a beginning career-orientation to the field of optical engineering, this upbeat and informative DVD captures students' interest in optics. The video provides examples of exciting new technology such as nano-medicine, space telescopes, invisibility, and solar energy. The emphasis on exhibiting curiosity, being challenged by problem-solving, and the sheer fun of creating things that people need, makes students think about this stimulating career opportunity. The youthful background music and a very smart young presenter, Kaitlin Clark, keep students focused and interested throughout the short film. A wide variety of young scientists of many cultural backgrounds, races, genders, and nationalities provides inspiration to all.

    SPIE is offering this exciting DVD, free of charge. To obtain a copy email, or download the video at

    SPIE is the world's largest international not-for-profit society in the fields of optics, photonics, and imaging with 17,500 individual members including 3,500 students. To date, SPIE has distributed nearly $3 million U.S. dollars in scholarships and grants to those living, working and learning in 84 countries. This ambitious effort is yet another way to reflect the Society's commitment to global education and the next generation of optical scientists and engineers.