Anne L'Huillier

Anne L'Huillier - 2020 SPIE Women in Optics Planner

Lund University, Sweden

Anne L'Huillier

Country of Birth: France
Country of Residence: Sweden
Educational Background: PhD


I was inspired by one of my grandfathers, who was a professor in electrical engineering and did research in radiocommunication. Although he died when I was four and I don’t remember him, his history inspired me very much. The landing on the moon was also something I remember very vividly as a child and that inspired me to work in science and engineering.

My primary responsibilities are to lead research projects, supervise PhD students, and to teach graduate and undergraduate students. In addition, I am engaged in evaluating research, applying for funding, communicating science to a larger public, and many other things. When I have time, I do my own research—which is a lot of fun!

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career was probably to move countries, from France to Sweden, at a relatively early stage of my career. Ten years after PhD I decided “to start all over again.” In the end, it was an excellent move for many reasons, both private and professional!

The advice I would give to young women interested in STEM is that this is a great job, which is exciting and which also gives a lot of freedom. Follow your feelings and go for it!

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