Antigone Marino

Antigone Marino - 2017 SPIE Women in Optics Planner

Research Scientist
Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems, Italian National Research Council, Italy

Antigone Marino

Country of Birth: Italy
Country of Residence: Italy
Educational Background: PhD in Physics, University of Naples Federico II


As soon as I was introduced to physics in high school, I realized it was my way. I was struck by the beauty of understanding how things work, by nature and its laws.

Currently I am a researcher concentrated on the study of soft matter optics applied to telecommunication, with a special interest in liquid crystals technologies. The study of innovative material, which may improve the performance of devices, goes parallel to the design of the devices themselves. It’s an interdisciplinary field of science, where knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering are all essential to achieve valuable results.

When you begin your career as a scientist, you often focus on the topic, that is “the one I like more.” The choice often passes unnoticed, when it is perhaps the focal point of your career. When you are young you may lack the ability to better evaluate your choices. When you grow up it is rare to stop and wonder whether the topic is still the right one. One should stop periodically, reflect, and make the choice again – or not.

To young people interested in STEM: Get outside of your comfort zone! As long as you stay on your sofa, you can think but you will not see what you have to do to truly pursue this career. A career in STEM is the same as your personal life: I love my sofa — but it is just the place where I recharge so I can experience what’s outside.

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