Kate Medicus

Kate Medicus  - 2015 SPIE Women in Optics Planner

Optical Engineer/Metrologist at Optimax Systems, Inc., USA
Country of Birth: USA

Educational Background: PhD, MS Mechanical Engineering UNC Charlotte; BS Mechanical Engineering Virginia Tech, USA

Kate Medicus

The joy of fixing and creating inspired me to get started in science and engineering.

I have two roles at Optimax: lead engineer for all metrology-related issues, and project manager in our R&D team. As a metrology engineer, I'm responsible for the testing of our optical surfaces, determining if we have the capability for measuring the parts, and designing and implementing new measurement methods as needed. As an R&D project manager, I'm responsible for a team that develops new manufacturing methods for new and unusual optical surfaces. One of our current projects is the manufacture of precision free-form optical surfaces.

Get varying experiences: work in different countries, for different people, in different labs, especially early in your career.

Don't plan too much. Be flexible enough to go in many directions. Like the work, but don't love it.