Elka Koehler

Elka E. Koehler

Elka Koehler

Elka E. KoehlerPrincipal Systems Engineer,
Raytheon Systems Company, USA

Country of origin: USA

As a kid I was fascinated by the optical diagrams of inverted and distorted images through mirrors and lenses my father's physics books. My interest in optics grew when I built a periscope for a high school science project.

Many people have impacted my career. My parents, fellow students, teachers, professors, advisors, and co-workers, at various times in my career, have encouraged me and helped me advance.

Arriving at a creative solution to a difficult optical design problem is the most rewarding part of my career. I am very curious and inquisitive by nature. My field provides me the mental challenge that I crave, allowing me to grow and learn on a daily basis.