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SPIE Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Award in Optical Design

The SPIE Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Award in Optical Design is presented in recognition of significant achievement in the field of optical design, including the theoretical or experimental aspects of optical engineering.  Honorarium $2,000.

During the 2019/2020 submission term, the SPIE Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Award in Optical Design will undergo a transition from a paper selection process to a nomination process.  The award presented in 2020 will recognize a broader segment of optical design.

In 1929, Rudolf Kingslake and his new bride, Hilda Conrady Kingslake, uprooted their lives in England to take their chances in America. At age 26, Rudolf Kingslake was hired as one of the first two faculty members at the University of Rochester's fledgling Institute of Optics. That alone would be a mark of distinction in anyone's lifetime, but for Rudolf Kingslake, it was only the first step in a career that spanned 60 years as an educator and lens designer. Hilda Kingslake was highly qualified in optics, and was employed in optical design and research. She devoted most of her career to civic betterment, especially the concerns of women, and providing reading material for shut-ins. She was very influential in the establishment of the Optical Society of America, and served as its president (as did Rudolf). She chronicled the history of OSA and the Institute of Optics.

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2018 - Bobby R. Hunt, Amber L. Iler, Christopher A. Bailey, and Michael A. Rucci

The 2018 Rudolf Kingslake Medal and Prize is awarded to Bobby R. Hunt, Amber L. Iler, Christopher A. Bailey, and Michael A. Rucci for their paper entitled "Synthesis of atmospheric turbulence point spread functions by sparse and redundant representations," from the July 2018 issue of Optical Engineering.

Michael Eisman, OE Journal Editor

Previous Recipients of the SPIE Rudolf and Hilda Kingslake Award in Optical Design

2017 - Christof Pruß, Goran Bastian Baer, Johannes Schindler and Wolfgang Osten
2016 - James F. Biegen, Peter J. de Groot
2015 - Xinmin Shen, Qunzhang Tu, Hui Deng, Guoliang Jiang and Kazuya Yamamura
2014 - Stefan Heist, Andreas Mann, Peter Kühmstedt, Peter Schreiber and Gunther Notni
2013 - Wei Zhang, Hans Zappe and Andreas Seifert
2012 - Maarten A. Hogervorst and Alexander Toet
2011 - Lucy E. Cohan and David W. Miller
2010 - Joseph W. Goodman
2009 - Jürgen Jahns, Hans Knuppertz, and Michael Bohling
2008 - E.W.C. van Groesen, Milan Maksimovic and Manfred Hammer
2007 - Monique Thual, Damien Malarde, Benoit Abherve-Guegen, Philippe Rochard, Philippe Chanclou
2006 - Sergey S. Sarkisov, Michael J. Curley, LaQuieta Huey, Aisha Fields, Sergey S. Sarkisov
II, Grigory Adamovsky
2005 - James J. Snyder and Stephen L. Kwiatkowski
2004 - Mark T. Gruneisen, Lewis F. DeSandre, James R. Rotgé, Raymond C. Dymale, Donald L. Lubin
2003 - John A. Hoffnagle and C. Michael Jefferson
2002 - Thomas Tsao and James Zhiqing Wen
2001 - Giuseppe Schirripa and Dario Ambrosini
2000 - Aden B. Meinel and Marjorie P. Meinel
1999 - Robert D. Fiete
1998 - Russell C. Hardie, Kenneth J. Barnard, John G. Bognar, Ernest E. Armstrong, Edward A.Watson
1997 - Gleb Vdovin, Simon Middlehoek, and Pasqualina Sarro
1996 - Pîr Olof Kierkegaard
1995 - Arnold Daniels, Glenn D. Boreman, Alfred D. Ducharme, and Eyal Sapir
1994 - Jose M. Sasian
1993 - Harvey M. Phillips and Roland A. Sauerbrey
1992 - Aden B. Meinel and Marjorie P. Meinel
1991 - Brian E. Newnam
1990 - Paul R. Prucnal and Philippe Perrier
1989 - Pochi Yeh, Arthur Chiou, John Hong, Paul H. Beckwith, Tallis Chang, Monte Khoshnevisan
1988 - Ares J. Rosakis, Alan T. Zehnder, Ramaratnam Narasimhan
1987 - Chris P. Kirk
1986 - Arthur D. Fisher, Lai-Chang Ling, John N. Lee, Robert C. Fukuda
1985 - Armand R. Tanguay, Jr.
1984 - Gene R. Gindi and Arthur F. Gmitro
1983 - James R. Palmer
1982 - David M. Pepper
1981 - Robert A. Sprague and William D. Turner
1980 - G. Ferrano and G. Hausler
1979 - J. R. Fienup
1978 - Norman J. Brown
1977 - David B. Kay and Brian J. Thompson
1976 - Richard E. Swing
1975 - J. M. Burch and C. Forno
1974 - Irving R. Abel and B. R. Reynolds


2012 - Maarten A. Hogervorst and Alexander Toet

SPIE Profile - Maarten A. Hogervorst  

SPIE Profile - Alexander Toet

2011 - Lucy E. Cohan and David W. Miller

SPIE Profile - Lucy E. Cohan

SPIE Profile - David W. Miller