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Clémence Jollivet

Engineering Manager, Fiber Research and Development
Coherent Inc., USA

Clémence Jollivet

Country of Birth: France
Country of Residence: USA
Educational Background: PhD in Optics
SPIE Early Career Professional Member


I have always been interested in understanding the phenomena that surround us and quickly realized that pursuing studies in physics and chemistry was stimulating my curiosity even more. The desire to further understand physics phenomena led me to pursue my PhD focusing on optics and lasers.

I am currently the manager of the optical fiber research and development department at Coherent Inc. My group’s activities include waveguide design, glass process/chemistry development, and advanced characterization of specific waveguide performances. My primary responsibilities include defining project goals and timelines based on customer or market requirements and providing technical guidance to the R&D teams in order to drive, execute, and achieve those goals. I work closely with the product line manager to identify the future growth markets and the relevant fiber products.

I have faced a few challenges during my professional journey so far: moving an ocean away from my family, changing research topic during my PhD, and finding a job that will best utilize my expertise. Of course, balancing work and personal life is something that everyone will face at some stage of their career. The key is to transform any challenge into new opportunities. We have a tendency to keep our focus in the one direction our current work is centered on. But if you keep an open mind, stay alert in your field, and connected to your professional network, challenges can be transformed into new and exciting opportunities.

To feel accomplished in your career you must pursue studies and work in a field you are truly passionate about. So my best advice is to follow your passion while of course keeping an eye on the reality of the market, especially if you already have a preference between industry and/or academia.

An exciting journey is ahead of you! Working in STEM has many opportunities to offer, do not be afraid to pursue your passion and to “aim for the stars.” Being a women in this field can be a challenge sometimes, but most women I interact with agree, STEM is truly rewarding, empowering, and will offer many opportunities.

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