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Olga Bibikova

Project Manager, art photonics GmbH, Germany
Doctoral Student, University of Oulu, Finland and Ulm University, Germany

Olga Bibikova

Country of Birth: Russia
Country of Residence: Germany, Finland
Educational Background: MS in Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technologies, MS in Open Nonlinear Systems, and PhD in Biophysics, Saratov State University


As a child, I marveled at physics: the science that explains how the world works. While earning my PhD, I was lucky to find a mentor who guided and inspired my research. My biggest inspiration now is creating collaborations between people in science and engineering. I believe there are no boundaries between countries and continents, and our obtained knowledge and achievements will benefit all mankind.

I lead several company research projects using specialty fiber technologies. We develop fiber optics sensors that will enable remote, precise and reliable reaction monitoring in industry and real-time cancer diagnostics in medicine. One biomedical sensor will assist surgeons in tumor margin detection during less invasive operations with complete cancer removal while using modern information technologies for data collection.

I am preparing my second PhD thesis as part of the Joint Doctoral Degree Program between the University of Oulu and Ulm University. The aim of my doctoral research is design and synthesis of plasmon-resonant nanostructures for optical diagnostics and therapy of cancer at cell and tissue levels. Conducting my doctoral research while working in a different country is a real challenge at this moment. But I will graduate this year, and my background in electrical engineering and biophysics obtained in Oulu, Ulm and Saratov Universities helps me see my work projects from different perspectives.

I have learned that everything happens in its own time. Do not worry and just move on. There are no easy ways and shortcuts in science, but the euphoria from reaching your goals will compensate for all problems and disappointments.

Believe in your dreams and wishes, don’t be afraid, and do not give up. There are no boundaries. Make a clear goal to solve a challenging problem. With clear goals, everything is achievable. Just make regular small steps every day.

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